as if we needed more proof that it's inherently Christian to have the need to feel persecuted.  this made me wonder why O'Reilly doesn't push for more celebration of Jewish holidays in public schools.  i never hear Jews complain about it - i guess they've accepted their persecution.  

i know that Easter is a big old Christian holiday, but let's face it - no one likes Easter.  ok, kids like their egg hunts and chocolate bunnies, but grown up believers don't dig on Easter.  personally, i think it's b/c the whole resurrection story is so hard for adults to swallow and they don't like to be confronted with superstitions that ordinarily they'd dismiss.  

anyway, i welcome the war on Easter.  it's bad enough that schools celebrate Xmas for a full month (it's a season after all), but Easter has no place in a public school.  it's the beginning of spring - celebrate that.  have your spring egg hunts - that makes a lot more sense than bunnies who bear live children passing out eggs for some unknown reason.  

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"Side of your eyes, side of your eyes."

On the other hand, you could be right! 

Sorry, I can't remember who sent us this. 

Jews "accepting their persecution"; it is to laugh.  They just want to bring up grievances from long ago and act like whatever occurred had happened to them personally and you should both pity and elevate them to sainthood for things they personally never did.  Some of their ancestors did, but not them.

Elevated to sainthood? That must be why people think Jewish people alive today are personally responsible for killing Jesus.

Loren, as so often happens, I am reposting your comment on Facebook. Thanks friend.


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