as if we needed more proof that it's inherently Christian to have the need to feel persecuted.  this made me wonder why O'Reilly doesn't push for more celebration of Jewish holidays in public schools.  i never hear Jews complain about it - i guess they've accepted their persecution.  

i know that Easter is a big old Christian holiday, but let's face it - no one likes Easter.  ok, kids like their egg hunts and chocolate bunnies, but grown up believers don't dig on Easter.  personally, i think it's b/c the whole resurrection story is so hard for adults to swallow and they don't like to be confronted with superstitions that ordinarily they'd dismiss.  

anyway, i welcome the war on Easter.  it's bad enough that schools celebrate Xmas for a full month (it's a season after all), but Easter has no place in a public school.  it's the beginning of spring - celebrate that.  have your spring egg hunts - that makes a lot more sense than bunnies who bear live children passing out eggs for some unknown reason.  

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ODT, people who swallow the resurrection story don't use "reason and logic in every other part of their life".

Many, even the dirt-poor among them, vote Republican. With Repubs doing even more than Dems to serve the rich, voting Repub is like voting for the people who will rob them.

Bill Orally on Fox last year, during an interview with the American Atheists chief, remarked "The tide goes in; the tide comes out. There's a god." His remark was dumb, but like his "wars" on xian holidays it attracts gullible viewers. With more viewers, Fox can charge advertisers more and pay Bill more.

Getting adults to think like adults is a huge challenge; xianity rewards them for thinking like children. Little children.

The freedom we have won't attract them. It will frighten and maybe anger them.

Freedom requires people to be responsible, to fix what's not going well. Gullible folk don't fix; they blame.

I saw evidence for that while talking with voters when I ran for office. Gullible folk want leaders to tell them what to do.

 A still religious brother several years ago gave me more evidence when he blamed me for anger he was feeling. I took responsibility for what I'd said; he refused to accept responsibility for his reaction to it.

I understood. We grew up in the same authoritarian family and I too, when I was young, didn't know how anger differed from angry actions.

Many religious folk do not, and will not, think like adults.

Tom, I have long thought that those who know and own themselves, who are in the words of Maslow, "self-actualized," neither look to lead others around nor look for someone to lead them, BECAUSE They Possess Themselves And Their Actions.  The child-adults you refer to are scared shitless of responsibility, as you state, or they recognize the opportunity to manipulate others for their benefit, and become the Jerry Falwells and Pat Robertsons of our current day.

So big surprise, they want there to be a god ... a Big Daddy who can make it all better in the end rather than requiring that they take action to rectify things by themselves.

Loren, you're right about some xians recognizing the opportunity to manipulate others for their benefit, and becoming our Jerry Falwells and Pat Robertsons.

Years ago, soon after Falwell appeared in news stories, I was at an American Atheists meeting in SF and saw a book he had authored. It was about the personal characteristics of fundamentalists. Browsing a few pages, I thought it looked like a report of research he had done, perhaps for a degree. Perhaps cynically, I concluded "So that's what got him started."

At another time I saw these words; "He who carves the Buddha does not worship him."

I don't know whose thinking they summarize; I take them to mean that religious leaders are less religious than their followers.

Tom, May I post this comment on Facebook with attribution to you? 

Had to look up Hossenfeffer. No, I don't think so. I like German food; not rabbit.

haha.  i learned it from this episode of bugs bunny:

ah, reminiscing.  good stuff.

Sentient, your imagination reveals a science fiction writer residing in your brain.

Joan, glad there's someone in there!  Just free-associating.  I have a strange sense of humor.

Matthew, a great introduction to Hasenpfeffer!

:)  it's amazing what your remember from childhood.  and that's the scariest part of the religious indoctrination of children.  i'm glad i was able to break away, but i was lucky coming from a mixed religion family.

Matthew, Loved the Bugs Bunny episode! It brought back some early memories.

no, no. you're thinking of Bill Murray.




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