as if we needed more proof that it's inherently Christian to have the need to feel persecuted.  this made me wonder why O'Reilly doesn't push for more celebration of Jewish holidays in public schools.  i never hear Jews complain about it - i guess they've accepted their persecution.  

i know that Easter is a big old Christian holiday, but let's face it - no one likes Easter.  ok, kids like their egg hunts and chocolate bunnies, but grown up believers don't dig on Easter.  personally, i think it's b/c the whole resurrection story is so hard for adults to swallow and they don't like to be confronted with superstitions that ordinarily they'd dismiss.  

anyway, i welcome the war on Easter.  it's bad enough that schools celebrate Xmas for a full month (it's a season after all), but Easter has no place in a public school.  it's the beginning of spring - celebrate that.  have your spring egg hunts - that makes a lot more sense than bunnies who bear live children passing out eggs for some unknown reason.  

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I bought a 5-kg bar of unsweetened chocolate once.  I used to eat that stuff as is.

It was a thing of beauty to any chocolate lover.  It looked like a chocolate bar, but it was VERY BIG. 

Yeah - chocolate bunnies !!

i don't have a gigantic sweet tooth, but i can devour an entire 16 ounce bunny in one seating if i'm not careful.  thankfully, it's been a decade or so since i've been tempted.  

meanwhile i'd likely struggle with 16 ounces of Hossenfeffer.  lol.


The week after good friday is "planting time." Hooray for spring and all the dirt under our fingernails!

Seriously, that should be enough to celebrate easter. Not some "pie in the sky" resurrection of an Eric Clapton look alike. lolololol!!

the whole resurrection story is so hard for adults to swallow

I like the idea that Jesus didn't actually die on the cross, he was taken down early, got medical help in secret, snuck away to India where he became a wiseman called Issa, and died at the age of 80. 

That's SO much nicer than all that sadomasochistic stuff about dying in agony to save us from our sins, being the sacrificial lamb that gets eaten and all that. 

gotta love ritualistic cannibalism. it's not just for aborigines anymore.  

Yeah! As the god in Jim Huber's parody of a fundie conversion tract says:

"That's absurd! Why would I need to sacrifice Myself to Myself to allow Me to change a rule I made Myself!?!"

Next thing you know, it'll be a war on St. Swithin's Day.  If these jackasses can't deal with an opinion other than their own, they should go hide under their beds or something!

Loren. Shhhhhhh! Not so loud. Me and my minions of godless heathens, LGBT recruits, and minorities were all prepared for a surprise attack on St. Swithin's Day. Now we're going to have to re-group, and prepare for an assault on the Feast of the Holy Winding Sheet of Christ.



Hide under my bed when so many xians will pay me to make up stuff?

If a woman at a feminist rally about sexwork can opine that taking money from men is the best kind of feminism (yeah, it happened a few years ago in SF), can we change things so that taking money from xians is the best kind of something?


Yeah, I guess televangelists beat us to it.




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