as if we needed more proof that it's inherently Christian to have the need to feel persecuted.  this made me wonder why O'Reilly doesn't push for more celebration of Jewish holidays in public schools.  i never hear Jews complain about it - i guess they've accepted their persecution.  

i know that Easter is a big old Christian holiday, but let's face it - no one likes Easter.  ok, kids like their egg hunts and chocolate bunnies, but grown up believers don't dig on Easter.  personally, i think it's b/c the whole resurrection story is so hard for adults to swallow and they don't like to be confronted with superstitions that ordinarily they'd dismiss.  

anyway, i welcome the war on Easter.  it's bad enough that schools celebrate Xmas for a full month (it's a season after all), but Easter has no place in a public school.  it's the beginning of spring - celebrate that.  have your spring egg hunts - that makes a lot more sense than bunnies who bear live children passing out eggs for some unknown reason.  

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haha, as long as it's solid.  i love them!

Somewhere I remember reading that Easter started when Jesus came out of his tomb, and when he didn't see his shadow, everyone knew winter was over.

O'Reily is upset that people are calling them "Spring eggs" which really is pretty silly.  Easter comes from the variously named goddess "Astarte".  The name, and traditions, are all non-Jesusy.  That the resurrection story was grafted onto the celebration of Spring makes sense, but I really don't recall the Disciples collecting eggs in cellophane-grass-lined baskets and eating chocolate bunnies at the Last Supper.

I'm not sure about the connection between the eggs, bunnies, and Jesus.  Been trying to think of something.

Maybe....  The beads of sweat, falling off Jesus brow as he was on the cross, miraculously turned into brightly colored eggs.  When Mary came to visit, she noted the bright colors and collected the eggs.  Hence the start of the Jesus egg hunt.  I would say something about her seeing the eggs when she gazed up at him on the cross and happened to see them under his strategically-place loin cloth, but that would be gross and disgusting.

OReilly missed the boat by not insisting they be called "Jesus Eggs" instead of the pagan Easter or Spring eggs.

Let's see.... the Jesus bunnies....  Hard to think of a legend.  Possibly, while Elmer Fudd was chasing Bugsy, singing "Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit", he ran through the cruci"fiction" scene.  On viewing the aforementioned eggs, he was distracted by their home-spun prettiness, and stopped to view them.  Thus saving Bugsy for yet another adventure.  Hence, Bugs Bunny was saved by the Jesus Egg miracle, and his descendants are the Jesus Bunnies.

As for the Easter ham (Jesus Ham), I always wondered why a food that is expressly forbidden in biblical law, would be used to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.  I know the little wafers are Jesus flesh, and the wine (grape juice for Baptists) is Jesus blood, but what is the clove and pineapple studded baked Ham?  Ham was a son of Noah, and while the bible says he was forefather of various tribes in the Middle East especially Palestine; modern racist tradition held that African peoples were descended from him and thus slavery was OK.  Because the Bible says that when Noah was drunk and laying around naked, Ham saw him and thus needed to be accursed.  Apparently, no one in those days learned to swim at the WMCA and thus never saw their dad in the shower room.  Although someone else claimed that Chinese people were descended from Ham.    Somehow, the Easter tradition must connect the traditional Ham with the story of Ham, but how that can happen beats the hell outa me.

Next it will be a war on Arbor Day.  Which, as any good christian knows, is when we celebrate Jesus planting a cherry tree.

no one i know (outside of a/n) wished me a happy darwin day.  there's a war on darwin day!! (patent pending)

make that trademark.  whatever.


OH! my sides hurt. 

In the pre-christian era, there was the belief women had special powers because they bled and did not die, they gave birth to the next generation, and they could produce milk from their breasts, none of which men could do. Along with the ancient stories of the Greeks, the Romans and Turkish had mythologies. I visited a Marble statue of the goddess Artemis, in Ephesus, Turkey. Artemis represented woman, female, life-giver and life-taker. Incidentally, those are not eggs hanging from her body, as christian apologists claim, they are scrotum. According to the ancient legend, woman acquired seed from man and grew a new life. Sorry fellows. Somehow, the mythological power of woman suffered under the boot of patriarchy.

That change occurred, according to their holy scriptures, when creation occurred at 4,000 BCE., the great flood occurred about 3,000 BCE, Abrahm received a promise from his god 2081, and therefore god has dominion over man, who has dominion over woman and all that swims, crawls and flies. Today, according to believers, the Earth is now 6,000 years old and all history, all science, all art descends from there. The Greek word for egg, αυγό, 

Artemis, Greek Goddess of the Hunt

Easter egg In Other Language Than English - Online Translation Dict...

The theater in Ephesus, where Paul gave a speech to the Ephesians, is where I stood and gave a speech about Paul's role in misogyny. 


Joan, that's really interesting.  I was there once, eons ago.  Good history is wasted on the young- barely remember it.

That's a little strange about Artemis.  Well, not a little strange.  A lot strange.  I always thought those were fruits of some sort.  Big grapes, or figs.  Oh well.

Joan, do a fast glance at the Greek for "egg". I did that and think it looks a bit like the Spanish "huevo" for "egg".

Hm-mm, Mormons believe some people left that part of the world and came this way long ago. Let's make up a tale about their carrying eggs with them, from Greece to Mexico.

Maybe bunny eggs. With chocolate in them.

grown up believers don't dig on Easter.  personally, i think it's b/c the whole resurrection story is so hard for adults to swallow ...

If that were true, Easter wouldn't be such a big deal in America. The problem is that so many adults do swallow it, using reason and logic in every other part of their life, but somehow shut that side of their brains off when considering yet another resurrection myth. That's the real challenge: getting adults to think like adults in all areas of their lives, religion not excluded.

i don't know, i think your average everyday, church on easter and xmas xtians probably look on the resurrection story and shrug it off.  sure, the devout take it quite seriously.  but the biggest part of easter, much like xmas, is in the marketing directed towards the kiddies.  the egg dyes, the baskets, the peeps, the bunny costumes, etc.  i know secular families that go thru the easter motions for their kids.  it's great propoganda when non-believers gleefully expose their kids to another faith's holiday for purposes of inclusion, and wanting your kids to have fun like their peers.  




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