Now that Health Care has passed the Senate - over 65's being tossed out of hospitals ...

One of the claims of a teabagger sympathizer in my office - who, by the way, I generally like as a person - is that the new health care system will result in older people being denied health care to (this is a direct quote) 'die without help at home.'

I really have to wonder what the naysayers will do when all the apocalyptic claims turn out to just not happen.

Someone once told me its called "debating the facts." The avocado 'controversy' is a great example. There are people who continue to argue over whether avocados are fruits or vegetables. Let's see, they grow on trees and are the seed bearing part of the plant. They are fruits by definition. There is no controversy - yet the argument continues.

So now that the elderly won't get kicked out of hospitals, small businesses will get help covering employees, people with preexisting conditions will be covered, ER's get used much less often as doctor's offices for the uninsured - what are the teabaggers going to claim? Are they going to argue against verifiable fact? Or will they eventually just go home and shut up about it?

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These people are ignorant because they are being lied to.

Our democratic republic depends on a well informed electorate. It worries me that so many people limit their news to one or two sources of "news journalism". A gradual "dumbing down" of our population is causing a lot of people to just run with the most alarmist message they hear...without confirming the source of the information. So much of what passes as news is either condensed down to the sound bite form or is basically
I actually have a name for it. It's "Misinfortainment". ;)


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