Hey my name is Bj, and I'm new here. I'm a former Christian, New Ager, New Thought all around mystic. My upbringing was in Fundamentalist Christianity and for the sake of time and not having a therapist present. I can't really go into, other that it has been the horrible thing I have ever experienced. I left Chrisitianity about 4 years ago, and my life is a wreck marred from the abuse within and without christiainty. I'm a person who needs love and support, and I hope that maybe I can find that here.

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BJ, in the group structure of Nexus, there are several groups for people suffering the after effects of various religions.  For example, this one regarding Life after Fundamentalism

As someone who has been on Nexus for many years, I've seen the groups need a kind of critical mass to stay active, and unfortunately most of the people in those groups have moved on.  I hope because they became comfortable with their post-christian lives and no longer needed the support.

The forum, and some of the groups that have a lot of interest, are active and diverse.  There are plenty of us here who were oppressed and abused by religion, and we discovered better, and are happy and thriving.  Which is what I hope for you.

This isn't much, and it's a bit of a drive for you, but have you looked at meetups?  Also here.

Any chance to re-cycle yourself via a community college or trade school?  Maybe they have scholarships?

I imagine it would be a very challenging option, without the money.

Welcome BJ. Sentient gives great advice about different groups here. You may be surprised at how many have had similar experiences as you. And, I think I can say without fear of successful contradiction, we can all empathize with the BS religion puts people through. 

Glad you found us, and again, welcome.

Welcome. Some things are hard but just slowly use logic, evidence, and reason to find your way. I'm 68 and did not become atheist until about 2 years ago. I was also a product of fundamentalist christianity, even studying for the ministry, but never knew for sure which side of the fence to be on. That all ended when I discovered that god is imaginary.

So how'd you recover from being a New Ager? 

New-Ageish "alternative" kind of things are very popular around here.  But I haven't met any ex New Agers :)

New Agism, being vague, seems hard to definitively shake off.

Welcome Bj



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