Nun Gives Sex Advice - Vatican Blows a Gasket!

One Sister Margaret Farley, a theologian of the Catholic Church, has just released book entitled Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics.  In it, she states that the following are okie dokie as far as she is concerned: 1) masturbation, and 2) same sex, and 3) divorce - in certain situations. The crypt keepers at the Vatican have apparently had a high-speed-come-apart over her theories of tolerance and understanding..

“Among the many errors and ambiguities of this book are its positions on masturbation, homosexual acts, homosexual unions, the indissolubility of marriage and the problem of divorce and remarriage,” read the critique signed by Cardinal William Levada of the church’s doctrinal office, which said the dissemination of Farley's positions “risks grave harm to the faithful.” Read the rest of article here.

My first thought is that getting advice on sex from a celibate is like getting plans for a house design from someone who knows nothing of architecture, engineering, plumbing, or simple geometry. Nevertheless, I'll give the old celibate some credit. At least she's trying to argue for basic human values and understanding.

Ohh, and as a final thought, if you're thinking of buying the book, please go through the banner to the right. A|N gets a slice of the pie, which I find humorously ironic.

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It is also the office that was used by Ratzinger (when he was prefect) to orchestrate the current cover up of the sexual abuse of children by Catholic Priests

Nuns needs Fuck


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