Pathogens hitchhiking on plastics ‘could carry cholera from India t...

You might want to rethink taking toddlers to an ocean beach.

... ubiquitous, persistent and tiny plastic beads, or “nurdles”, found on beaches and in rivers and seas around the world, act as rafts for harmful bacteria, transporting them from sewage outfalls and agricultural runoff to bathing waters and shellfish beds.

“The danger is that pathogens could be transported over large distances and survive for much longer than normal,” ...

The scientists found 45% of nurdles, the size and shape of a lentil, collected from five EU-designated beaches in East Lothian were polluted with E coli,... Up to 90% of them were contaminated with Vibrio, ...

Brightly coloured nurdles are a magnet for children – and you wouldn’t want children putting these in their mouths.”

Nurdles, which can be transparent or brightly coloured, are the bare building blocks of plastic goods,...

The researchers have only tested for two bacteria, but they believe nurdles could attract other pathogens, such as the rotavirus and norovirus,... [emphasis mine]

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Hey Myrtle, don't uncurdle your girdle for fear of nurdles.

Staying calm might be a higher hurdle for fertile turtles. They might get sick too.

Please watch this

Then tell me what's a solution?

One of the things done in several counties here in the San Francisco bay are was to charge ten cents for a plastic bag in attempt to get people to reduce consumption of plastic bags.

Half harted attempt that's not working well enough.

How many straws and lids are being sold at fast food restraunts every day?

Those MF fast food chains are cupable. Hey, who's to blame they are corporations. Corporations are sociopaths whos only motive is to make money for the shareholders.    Can you put blame on them for using plastic cups and straws?  Products such as that are less expensive to get a fizzy corn starch  shuggary drink into a teenagers gullett.

The externalities (many don't know what I mean when I talk about externalities))

Externalities for one may be pollution.

I'm likely going to be called a socialist for suggesting that when I purchase something the cost of the purchase should include the waste stream the product leaves behind.

I used to live in a rural area - people would drop refrigerators, tires and other garbage along rural roads.  The local refuge company wasn't far away and was fairly inexpensive.

Justifiable murder.  On my way home I don't want to tell you about people thowing puppies out of the car  I was on my way to work one day -=  There were another set of people I saw on my way home from work.  They had a immeseruable abount of children in the 'mini van'  "Baby On Board."   family type -   They opened their window and threw all of the Fast Food containers  on the road - then turned into the residence they were living - which was only about a a quarter of a mile from my house.

I know it wouldn't be justifiable homicide to shoot those people.  Call the police - Ha Ha.

Perhaps there was multiple things going on one of with is the likely  the combined total of everyone in the car only had an IQ of 50.

The puppy guy and the garbage people were being watched as I think Meth dealers.  The law enforcement was slow in acting.  I think the FBI was hoping to catch a bigger fish- In the mean time most of us in the are had to suffer with their terrible behavior.

That area was a rail and barge hub.   Whatever they were distributing was lost in the files of the law enforcement.  Don't know some of the sherrif deputies may have been on the take.

I think a couple deputies were honest - others seemed to me to be illiterate or worse.

I'm glad that to be away from that area.




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