Why do republicans hate him so much

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because he doesnt want to abolish science and only teach the bible in public schools, because he supports abortion / choice for women, and because he tolerates muslims and gays. I think those are the main things.
Because they're Republicans, and he's not.
I think that the way America is going we are not going to be a super power for long
Because he's black.

It's probably not the biggest reason, but it certainly doesn't help.

I'm not saying this as a talking head, I've thought about this for a long time and I've more or less concluded that probably a sizable amount of mistrust comes from the fact that he's black.

There were three separate sets of articles that I read that pushed me in this direction.

The first set comes from the Obama birthers. The birthers aren't as fringey as I'd like to think, they even count Congressmen among their ranks. Now, Obama was born in Hawaii which was an actual state at the time he was born. John McCain, meanwhile, was born in Panama. The only reason he was allowed to run is a work around that permits people born on US territory in foreign countries to still be eligible for the Presidency. On the scale of people who were born in America, Obama is much closer to the, 'Yes born in America' pole than McCain. And yet, where were the people demanding McCain's birth certificates? If they really cared about who was born in America why not make the same demands of someone who wasn't born in any state at all?

The second set comes from Obama bowing the King of Saudi Arabia. Now, I don't want any person who represents me bowing to anyone. I was upset that he bowed at all. There's nothing special about being the luckiest of the lucky sperms so fuck all that inherited power. Whatever. So, people had a fucking shit fit over this half second bow to an Arab by Obama. Not more than a few years ago W. Bush walked around holding hands with the same fucker. So where's all the, 'My president is saying we're subjugating ourselves to the King of Saudi Arabia,' from the Republicans when W. Bush does it?

The final set comes from a study done on Evangelical Christians about the antichrist. Given the Book of Revelation's general description of the antichrist (no sons, born of a Muslim, promises world peace, etc.), when presented with two descriptions of two individuals that are identical save for one has a stereotypically white name and the other a stereotypically black name, Evangelicals were twice as likely to declare the black individual the antichrist than the white individual.

Those three things compel me to concluded that Republicans who hate Obama, hate him, at least in part, because he's black. Also, fuck them and their subtle racist shit.
This was the straw that broke the camels back for me. This, and a few other things, is why I left christianity. Living here in Texas and being in the bible belt, it was not to long ago I would hear within earshot that Obama was a "muslim, a muslim terrorist, a marxist, wasn't born here, He's got a socialist agenda, He's going to make us pray 5 times a day"…..etc. and then try to tie it to scripture and prophecy!! I just wanted to wring somebody's neck.

It boils down to this, and I agree with Louis, it is racism plain and simple. But you will never hear them say the words black, african american and a few other words that I choose not to use at this time. They just cannot identify with who he is. But lets face facts He's not your average black man either and thats why he is hard to accept with the status quo (middle class anglo republican).
Its a known fact people will only vote for candidates when they can feel some type of identification with them. Thats why politicians try so hard to please everybody. We as americans are only going to vote for the pretty candidates, thus people like Sarah Palin and Christine O'Donell tend to better results and hang around longer. If we don't understand them then they will not get the vote its that simple.

Plus the campaign against him with FOX news doesn't help things either. Obama has all the great ideas but the republicans can only say no. They, and some democrats, cannot be seen with him because if they do it will probably be the end of their careers. The true test of a parties strength is how much they move left or right on their platform. Republicans have definitely moved into dangerous waters by moving very far right and in the process they have to demonize Obama so as to get more support from the dumbasses of America.

I truly feel that we as americans are dumbing down to the point of no return. You cannot continue to marginalize humanity and then expect them to act like decent americans. If there were a real God we wouldn't be in this mess.

Thats just my take
It doesn't matter what the Republicans think. He's a politician; and therefore a narcissist, sociopath, and liar.
I agree with the narcissist and liar part but give Obama a break, if you want to be a successful politician in this country, you must lie.

I never trusted Obama because of his affiliation with Ayers and Reveren Wright and I think those two things may be the biggest things the republicans have against him. It's his attitude.

Maybe I am wrong - I find the older I get - the more confusing life gets but I still like to toss in my 2 cents every now and then just to see what happens - if anything.
I just read a study that showed that a lot of the reason people oppose Obama is due to subtle cues of how he's different from them (including the fact that he's black). Essentially, if you handed people a list of Obama's policies, people wouldn't disagree as strongly as if you listed his policies, and mentioned that he was black, or that he's (supposedly) liberal. (Full story here)

@Julian Harden:
Personally, I hope that the USA doesn't remain a superpower for much longer. Superpower status is always bad, both for other countries and the superpower itself. It's best when there's a relative balance of power between nations.
I don't think race has anything do to with Republicans "hating" Obama. The Repubs would "demonize" ANY Democrat that is President or in any high offce (Pelosi comes to mind). Remember how Clinton was treated? Do you really think they would be treating Al Gore, John Kerry, or any other Democrat, any better than they treat Obama? Differently perhaps, but certainly with just a much vitrol as Obama gets.
I can tell you for sure race plays a part in the hatred. I had more than one person say to me after finding out I was voting for him "I can't believe your voting for that N*****." Now granted any democrat is going to be hated by the majority of people in Texas. But racism definitely plays a big part.
btw, you should move this post to "Politics"
I think Obama has two big things going against him with Republicans - 1) he's black and 2) he's a Democrat. They are no nicer to Clinton, Gore or any of the others. I was disgusted with Repugs in my state (WV) for not lowering the flag when Senator Byrd died. It was disrespectful to the man himself and the state which he served.

Repugs get all bent out of shape if one of their guys gets even the slightest disrespect, but have no problem being extremely disrespectful to Democrats.




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