Obama angers trailer trash with comments critical of both Islam and Christianity

I put this in the Political section because although it is a prayer breakfast speech, we all know the ultimate goal is to string up Obama, if only figuratively.

The article link is below:

Outrage after Obama compares ISIS to the Crusades in comments at Na...

The full speech is below:

Obama National Prayer Breakfast speech transcript

I should be immune to this by now but the comments following the first link were absolutely vitrioic.

I thought the speech was written well enough to avoid the worst case interpretation. I suppose if you're absolutely determined to give your side a pass you can ignore anything.

I'm aware a large number of african slaves were captured and sold by other tribes. I'm also aware they were ultimately sold to people who were by and large christian.

I guess I don't see how anyone can mangle the meaning of "Thou shalt not kill". It seems pretty straightforward to me. Is anyone here aware if there is evidence to support the assertion that it was meant to forbid murder, rather than your garden variety killing, military or police action?

I might be sympathetic with beating back the muslims during the holy war if it were a secular fight for civilization. I don't usually hear that though. No turning of cheeks, no loving your neighbor  Nope, none of that. It's rah, rah, rah, let's retake the holy lands. I don't think Jesus mentioned anything about that, although since he was primarily a jew he might have been supportive of tribal real estate. Having kids, I'm certain he would have been against 55 and over communities but I digress.

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We are summoned to push back against those who would distort our religion for their nihilistic ends.
-- President Barack Obama

Sadly, what too many people and possibly the president included don't fully understand is that what ISIS is practicing is not a distortion of islam.  This is a point Sam Harris has made repeatedly and frequently to his distress at the hands of apologists such as Ben Affleck and Rula Jebreal, among too many others.  While I am not sanguine about exactly how to oppose ISIS, I can't see any form of diplomacy having an impact.  As for the rest of islam, it is past time that religion had an unblinking eye of scrutiny aimed at it, and as much as those who claim to be "moderate" as those who agree with ISIS or Al Qaeda.  Those who seem to think that islam doesn't harbor such ideals or attitudes need to be informed otherwise ... repeatedly ... until the concept sinks in, and if they need to be reminded of surah 2:191 and others like it, so be it.

Obama refuses to admit this is a religious issue. The elephant is in the room and the conservatives (whatever else they also believe) can see that. It's only part of the left that refuses to see that.

I've been aware of this for quite some time. The only conclusion I can come to is that it is part of the overall strategy to defeat Al-Qaeda and ISIS. If they can be marginalized, seen as something different, from the larger, benign Muslims (don't ask...really) they may be easier to defeat.

Consider how much trouble countries like Jordan have had rallying their people to take on ISIS. Apparently, a significantly large number were against the Jordanian government getting involved until a popular local son was killed by burning. My understanding is that the muslim population of Jordan is primarily Sunni. They, by and large, are A-OK with the conservative goals of the insurgents. One of their own is killed and they suddenly understand themselves to be vulnerable to ISIS. They now support (so I've read) the Jordanian government attacking ISIS. 

I can't say I saw this coming but it is a welcome sign as far as defeating ISIS and AQ. It does not solve the bigger problems we have with this obnoxious religion but it's something we need right now.

I've wondered if Obama was an idiot by refusing to recognize this as a religious war or just shrewd enough to understand there were benefits to ignoring the question. Maybe both.

I'm concerned that by only defeating ISIS and AQ, we're just putting out brushfires. The religion itself is toxic so the chances that those brushfires won't flare up with regularity are slim. Does it make sense to coddle the religion just to defeat today's fringe element? Is it realistic to think this religion will begin fading when the economic conditions these people live in improves? Should we try to choke it off by worsening the conditions these people live under? Do we even have the will or means to do any of these things? 

I can't say I'm all that disappointed with the POTUS, assuming there is some thought behind this strategy. None of us are being consulted regarding war planning but that's not something that has happened before or will happen in the future.

Obama is correct!

The strive of Islamic Jihadists for world domination is no different to those crusades of the Catholic church for world domination.

Yet, Christianity went through a reformation which dampened their world domination efforts, the same is slowly happening to Islam.

Islam in the 21st Century is where Catholicism was in 3000 CE.

The only difference is that the weapons available to Islam's efforts for world domination are over a million times more destructive.

Thus it can become over million times worse if they get their hands on nuclear weapons.

That's the major problem I see with Islamic Fundamentalism.

It's something that troubles Sam Harris and many rationalists.

I'm certain Obama and even the Dalai Lama  have the same fear.

Though I wonder what would happen if they tried to arm a suicide bomber with a nuke and it accidentally went off, wiping themselves off the face of the planet.

Now, that would be Ironical.

Hey, Greg. Why is it that I keep seeing this term "trailer trash?" Does everyone have a lot of money and we think that most decent people in the world live in houses? That's right. I'm trailer trash. I live in a small town on a city lot that I own and it has my trailer on it. Retirement for me wasn't a nice big house somewhere because I didn't have that much money. I had to make do with what I had. You don't find junk in my yard of cars and trucks up on blocks everywhere but my mobile home is my home. It might be that way for the rest of my life.

Am I offended at the name calling and terms like "trailer trash?" You goddamned right I am! I'm offended to hell and back. You might be renting, or you could still live with mommy, or for all I know you might be buying property. I have no way of knowing, but I will tell you what I have learned in 68 years. I'm not better than you. Not at all, but I'll damned sure tell you also that nobody is better than me.

Thank you.

I've found one other person here who used the term, but I won't name him as he has corrected himself since. I don't see how the term "trailer trash" even fit in with the blog topic. You can anger me enough by using the term, but I don't know you (the poster) and for all I know you live in as manufactured home also. You might be using this derogatory term and not even own any property. You are renting and going to call me "trailer trash?" The fucking hell you are.

I suppose Daniel, if this sort of thing continues we should petition Brother Richard to make sure the income guidelines are correct for joining Atheist Nexus. Therefore everyone will live in houses where they belong.

Am I rubbing this blunder in? You bet your ass!

All will be OK, Daniel, but thanks for the suggestion.


If you took offense, I'm sorry. It was not directed at you. In fact, it was not directed at any thoughtful, dignified person who find themselves living in a trailer. It is a derogatory term, but in my opinion it has little to do with the trailer and more to do with the trash. My parents spent their last years in a mobile home and I certainly don't consider them to have been trailer trash.

In the area I grew up, the term was commonly used. Reading the comments on the website of the original story triggered me to use the term. I feel the same way after reading comments on the Glenn Beck website.  In fact, I sometimes feel the need to shower afterwards as well.

I wouldn't want that one term to get in the way of what has up to this point been a beautiful relationship. I won't change how I feel about trash but to avoid any hard feelings I will avoid using the term in the future.

Have a good weekend.

OK, but if your parents spent their last years in a mobile home why in the hell would you have used that term? I've heard the term most of my life and let it go because I'm knowing that the stereotype talked about is not me. Then I started hearing the term "trailer trash" used more often than before. More people started picking up on it and using it. I started to be offended. I know people who use the term gloriously but they live with friends or they rent because they don't even have enough money to buy a mobile home.

It's almost like using the "N" word for blacks but you tell you best friend, Tommy, that it doesn't apply to him because you have known each other since the second grade. I'm sure Tommy would have thought that was mighty wide of you.

I get people all the time that say they know I live in Emerald Vista trailer park. I'm instantly asking them to explain to me then why I'm paying real estate taxes on my place and my lot. It goes right over most of thems heads. I'm my own landlord.

Hell, I'm almost my own grandpa.  :)




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