My brother in law forwarded me a petition from Focus on the Family. In this, they are angry with President Obama for "attacking the family".

Now, since I do answer in no uncertain terms any e-mail I get from my Fundy bro in law, I was surprised he sent this to me. I sent him a scathing yet respectful reply.
Here is the letter followed by my response:

Can the President ignore the rule of law?

Apparently, President Obama thinks so, and the implications are staggering -- for our nation’s families and our nation’s future.

This week, President Obama signed a memorandum extending benefits to the same-sex partners of federal employees. His memorandum is in direct conflict with the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). In essence, Obama skirted the rule of law as he continues to undermine marriage as society’s most pro-child institution.

This week’s Focus Action Update highlights the implications of Obama’s latest attack on the family. Please go here to view.

Update: Tax Dollars For Abortions
Our report also highlights the building battle over taxpayer funding of abortions. Right now, Congress is working on a variety of appropriations bills that have historically included pro-life “riders” that help keep our tax dollars from funding abortions. Those riders may soon come under attack.

Thanks to you and so many friends who have signed Focus Action’s petition to keep our tax dollars from funding abortions, we are building a massive grassroots team to fight this battle. Already, more than 273,000 citizens have signed our petition.

Would you please forward this message to your friends and ask them to join you in signing our petition opposing taxpayer funding of abortions? Your friends can go here to sign.

Thank you once again for the stand you are taking on behalf of the family. God bless you.

For faith and family,
Tom Minnery
Senior Vice President, Government & Public Policy

P.S. – Join me in our nation’s capital this fall, Sept. 18-20, for the 2009 Values Voter Summit: Rise to the Challenge, Rally to the Cause! It will be a weekend full of dynamic speakers. You won’t want to miss it. To reserve your spot today, visit or call 877-372-2808.

I am sorry you feel this way. I am sorry you also listen to that homophobic and disgustingly racist organization called Focus on the Family.

There are some beautiful families which are strong in the community who raise children to honor the rules of the United States and to treat others with respect. Some of these families have two partners of the same sex. These people work, pay taxes, own homes and belong to the PTA.
They have a commitment to one another and to their children. These families deserve the same rights as you and I. There is no reason to discriminate against responsible and loving people.
President Obama has not done enough, although I suppose he is dong what he feels he can legally. I look forward to the day that nobody will have to face discrimination due to their gender preferences. I look forward to the day that gay marriage is legal in all states across our country.
Gay marriage is not a threat to marriage. Adultery and lack of respect are threats to marriage.

Now, as far as taxes funding abortions, I absolutely think our taxes should fund abortions. But guess what? Taxes rarely pay for abortions. That is why more people don't have them. They are out of reach cost-wise for those who need them the most. Poor or sick women are the ones who need this service. Yet they have a difficult time finding the money for them. If your taxes are paying for abortion, it's abortion that is a necessity due to the pregnancy directly threatening the life of the mother.
Nobody has the right to tell a woman what she can do reproductively. It's none of anyone's business but the woman. Do you think that all the anti choice activists are there to support poor and sick women who keep their children? Where are these people in the poor communities? Are they knocking on doors buying diapers to distribute for free? Are anti-choice leaders in poor communities distributing food? Offering rides to work? Baby-sitting?

If you want your religious views to be considered in law, perhaps you should move to a theocracy? Like Saudi Arabia?


This country is not a Christian nation, nor is it an Islamic nation, a Hindu nation, a Jewish nation, a Buddhist nation, etc. It is a nation which includes religion, but does not make laws establishing or favoring certain religions. If we did that, it'd not be the United States with a constitution for all of us.
A Christian agenda is fine for your church. But keep it out of the laws of this nation. I will be making a concerted effort to thwart the goals of Focus on the Family about these issues.

Thank you for bringing this bigotedj, mean spirited, vile and disgusting action agenda of Focus on the Family.

I'll get right to work.

Your sister in law who uses her brain.

If someone is pointing at the moon, look at the moon, don't worship the finger
---Deepak Chopra

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*hot DAMN* you let him have it!!! That was AWESOME!!!




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