Has anyone heard about this?


When I found there was such a thing, and that it was to be May 6, I was going to start a discussion about how best to mock this ridiculous waste of people's time. But then I found it was canceled. Maybe there's hope yet for a truly secular USA.

I suspect Obama is not really a serious theist, but knows that some 'public piety' is essential for electability in this country.

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Yep, that is pretty close to my assessment.
Yes, the Repubs like to act like they have cornered the market when it comes to patriotism. Who was it that said "When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and bearing a cross" ?
From what I've heard about this issue, a judge has considered the day "unconstitutional" because of separation of Church and State but the ruling is being appealed. Or the threat of appeal to the Supreme Court is in motion.

And, of course, the ruling is being criticized by many people in official positions who want to make sure they come across to the American People as "promoting" prayer as an American Tradition...etc etc. The idea of being "against prayer" is a pretty controversial one (even if this wasn't the intent of the ruling) and I think President Obama is wise to distance himself from being the President that ruled AGAINST prayer. This is a case where he has to walk a fine political line....I think he's got a lot more pressing issues to concentrate on: Supreme Court Justice Nomination, Wall Street Reform, Iran Nuclear Program.
Thank you Michael,
This is a worthwhile cause.
We should all participate in such efforts to the extent we can.


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