Alright heathens, its time for passions to ignite over whether this Health Care Reform is the best thing in the last 40 years or is going to tear America apart at the seems.  In return for your opinion, I will share some funny.



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we dont need obama care it will never work!
Why do you say that?
it dont work for brits dont work for canada why shoud others get some for free why shoud i PAY FOR SOME ONE!!
Why should you help anyone else besides yourself?
you're right, that kind of thinking leads to social programs, which leads to socialism, which we all know is EVIL
thats right i work hard send my self truckdriver school on my own. not what Goverment can do for you!!  obam care is WEFAIR!! call for them get a job and work hard ! i was told i never get any where i was not smart had learning disblity i shouid go on SSI i say no iv all was work for what i got i shoud not have pay for others !!
Do you know one of the reasons you are paying such high medical costs?  You are paying for those without insurance.
its no boday fallt call make a profit thats why others start a biz make money!! get a better job!! hethcare not a right !! you got work hard for any thing in the world nothing free
Yep, nothing is for free...except for all those other social programs government provides: roads, libraries, sewer systems, street lights, police....
don't forget education, farming subsidies, legal representation, fire-fighters, national park system, scholarships, medicare and other health programs... just to name a few.
roads arnt free when buy gas or disal tax from it pay for road we been lose police not nuff money pay for them they been get layed off.
You found fault with two.  What about the rest?


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