Alright heathens, its time for passions to ignite over whether this Health Care Reform is the best thing in the last 40 years or is going to tear America apart at the seems.  In return for your opinion, I will share some funny.



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"Perhaps what's really meant is that "you" want to force someone else to help your fellow man?"


An emphatic Yes!


We force everyone to pay for wars don't we?  National security?  Police?  Fire protection?  Roads?  Safe water?  Sewage?  Education? 


Why should health care be any different?


Plus, it's cheaper.   The CBO reports that a Single Payer univeral coverage model would save the American taxpayer $230 billion per year. 


We get the best of both worlds - helpinng our fellow man and saving a buck while we are at it.  Now that is a win-win (except of course for the insurance companies - too bad!)

no im not going to leave  yes im very bad at spelling i dont care what you think  or make fun of me
why you like wefar?
You can understand Yoda.  Don't insult Yoda.

John D.

You have a lot of class making fun of the disabled. I guess if she was blind and tripped and fell, that would make your day.

No, it is not ok with me. I come to this site to hear all sides of a debate. I feel everyone has the right to express their thoughts. No matter what their disability may be. So I guess you never listen to Stephen Hawkins because he cannot speak. Please advise where on this site it states that the disable are not permitted to comment. You have a pretty closed mind for someone who claims to be open minded.
theres nothing meaningful on my point view you dont like it dont read it 
theres nothing rude of my point view get over!!

Typical. Disagree with someone so attack them personally. Again, such class.

We disagreed with her arguments all ready.  All it did was make her spelling and grammar worse.  Maybe if you read the thread instead of seeking John out to criticize him.  You would see that.
People also wait a long time or just plain don't get to go to the doctor at all when they have no coverage, or when their health insurance company makes them go to a doctor that's far away (but in their network), or when their insurance doesn't pay for pre-existing conditions.


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