Alright heathens, its time for passions to ignite over whether this Health Care Reform is the best thing in the last 40 years or is going to tear America apart at the seems.  In return for your opinion, I will share some funny.



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We are allowed to pool together into provate insurance groups.  My insurance is with Northwestern Mutual, which is just that.  Several times in the past I have received a refund because the losses were less than was budgeted.  There are a number of Mutual insurance companies, some open to the public, to military vets, to civil servents, etc.
then thats the way to go.

wow, finally someone speaks truth.

hats off to you pantagruel

now, get off your ass and put your name in the hat for president, will you?

totally agree



What I would sign on to is a public (even private/public) option.  What we have now really isn't anything but a few reforms that were needed (like not being able to deny pre existing conditions) and the rest is just bribery I guess.  What I would have liked to see was a uniform option that, if not provided by the gov't itself, at least created a mandatory program that all providers had to offer that would cover the basics for dirt cheap.
I want something for people who would die without medical insurance. That is a sin. I can't see making them pay if they can't and wouldn't. More and more people may find themselves in that position without jobs. What I can't see is all the people that bring the kids in with sniffles. I would like the wealthy to give some of it up instead of just laying their employees off. I think it is a sin to take jobs to counties where they don't have to worry about pay, working conditions. insurance and polluting their countries. That should be a matter of civil rights. And then the jobs would come back home???? I am naive but that is what it is.
@Binker Bad spelling is a disability?  Seany never said anything about a learning disability.  Besides, I have seen her make well formed sentences before.  She just gets worked up to easy.
Then go ahead Susan and continue to support those who would belittle her. If that is what makes YOU feel superior.
Do you actually bother to read what you are replying to?  Or does it make you feel superior to act holier-then-thou?

I think the real point here is Seany is doing a disservice to herself.  Unless she is using a typewriter, she should have the ability to check her work before posting; which will make discussion easier, and not detract credibility from her~ which horrible spelling and sentence structure is doing.  I don't care who it is posting, or what their views are~ if you want people to take you seriously, communicate properly.

  That coupled with the extreme views she presents (essentially ultra conservative talking points with nothing to back them up) is creating this situation where she is the target of ridicule.


Besides, Binker, I remember you responding with an air of impunity in other threads~ might you be backing her up because you are both conservatives?

Universal Health Care, no matter if it's called ObamaCare, or anything else, simply means that health care has become a "Right" and is due to any citizen. Today, there is no such right however it's within the reach of a democracy to decide to create one. We can decide that everyone gets the health care they need, paid for by taxes or tariffs on those who have money.

However, like all "Rights", there is an associated burden that may not be obvious to all. Most of us agree that it is reasonable to require financial responsibility from those who drive cars. This is because their driving imposes a risk on others of harm. If we do decide we want universal health care, then me allowing my self to get fat, or become out-of-shape, or smoke, or sky-dive, or ski, or go outside in the winter without a hat will impose a risk of financial loss on everyone else. A bad diet leads to obesity; obesity leads to multiple medical problems; and those problem impose a cost on society. Therefor, it becomes reasonable for society to be permitted to tell me what to eat, what to wear, how much exercise I should get, etc. If you agree to let a stranger put their hand in your pocket, it's reasonable for you to want some control over what he'll do in there! If this seems far-fetched to you, consider the justification for laws requiring seat belts, motorcycle helmets, and driver's insurance. They are justified by precisely this principle.

If you vote for health care, you are voting for someone else to tell you how to take care of your health.


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