Alright heathens, its time for passions to ignite over whether this Health Care Reform is the best thing in the last 40 years or is going to tear America apart at the seems.  In return for your opinion, I will share some funny.



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"If you vote for health care, you are voting for someone else to tell you how to take care of your health"



I'll vote for single payer universal health care because it's cheaper and works better. 

No. Fallacious.

Radios are responsible for a large percentage of automobile accidents.  Drinking and eating are responsible.  Cell phones are responsible.  Seat-belts and helmets are NOT RESPONSIBLE for accidents.  they are personal safety measures, not preventative (the key difference here).  they are also not FEDERALLY MANDATED, they are local and state mandates.  I see no one imposing radio bans~ yes, cell phone bans while driving, however many of those are not holding up (like where I live) and are secondary offenses, not primary.

Helmet laws = Obesity Laws, my favorite conservative scare tactic.  As the Fattest Nation in the World, I highly doubt the people would sign off on that.


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As an avid motorcyclist I have always maintained that those people who ride without a helmet know they have nothing of value to protect. I still advocated for the right to not wear a helmet, even if I personally always do. The last comprehensive study on motorcycle accidents in the US was done before I was born, so about thirty years ago. 

I know that the best protection is provided by a full face helmet, and that 3/4 and 1/2 helmets are just as good as not wearing one.

If you actually want to help lower motorcycle fatalities understand that passenger vehicles are the leading cause. Its more a campaign of awareness.

More studies have been done on obesity.

Yes helmet laws are local and state implemented.

I find it hard to put seat-belts and helmets in the same category. One stops you from becoming a human bullet, the other protects your head when you become one. Some riders will claim that helmets decrease peripheral vision therefore increasing the chance of having an accident. I haven't read a conclusive study on that, though I haven't noticed it myself.

I would say that the leading cause of any motor vehicle accident is human error in one form or another.

I know absolutely adds nothing to the topic, but I haven't seen much of that in this thread so I figured why not.

I'm Canadian, and I have to tell you guys, I am really digging our healthcare system. It's pretty swell if you don't have a lot of money.
And they cost a lot.
... but they're really neat!
Hahaha, well attack jets are pretty neat, I'll give you that.

um, if you have a new topic, you should start a thread about it, not inject it into a completely unrelated one.  common internet courtesy friend. (pardon my blunt nature.)

Ok I am learning. So I will try to find where to start a new topic? Thank you and I'm sorry.
Click 'all discussions' and select the appropriate forum (philosophy, politics, water-cooler), then upper right corner it should say 'add' with a '+' sign, that will take you to the form to name and then propose your topic, and add tags at the bottom.  under the tag section it reads "add discussion."  click that and you're good to go.
Thank you so much
Just had a thought on the healthcare issue.  Why hasn't it been proposed that there just be an open account, paid for by the government, that people can choose to put their costs on when getting medical service?  All of these people who don't approve won't use it (if they have any scruples) and it will allow people without insurance to have it ready and waiting~ just go in and say "put it on the community account" or something like that.  If the account is structured properly, maybe it can be paid for by dividends received from investments of the taxpayers money.  That would add to the investment value of americans money whilst not actually spending any of it.  What do you think?


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