Alright heathens, its time for passions to ignite over whether this Health Care Reform is the best thing in the last 40 years or is going to tear America apart at the seems.  In return for your opinion, I will share some funny.



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Seany, you wrote "thats right i work hard send my self truckdriver school on my own. not what Goverment can do for you!!  obam care is WEFAIR!! call for them get a job and work hard ! i was told i never get any where i was not smart had learning disblity . . . "


If true, you've accomplished a great thing and I, for one, really admire you for it.


thax you

Why do you assume people without healthcare don't have a job? I know people who work more than one job and work more than 50 hours per week. Not all jobs provide healthcare, and not everyone can get a job.
Do you have experience with the British or Canadian health care system or are you just repeating something Glen Beck said?
i  have frends live in canadian thay wate long time get see by then be damige same with brit there going in det you like wefar?
kiss my %$$
no corporate enterprises shoud not get wefare at all they  like GM thay shoud when belly up no one bail out horse and buggy we need get reid all regsltions and uions they huring america
Get rid of all regulations?   So we can have another financial crisis or another oil rig blown up?

Park, corporate welfare consumes more tax dollars than social welfare.  U r sooooo right.  People are so nieve to this.  Talk about free money and not working for it, the farm subsidies pays millions to millionaires and the land isn't even farmed on.  Corporate bailouts.


Insurance companies are friggin rip-offs.  They always wanna take take and take.  Increase rates and blame Obama care.  NOT!  Increase rates because of greed.  Insurance companies are well equip to survive without raising rates.  However, they CHOOSE to raise your rates!  And they cover is with "OBAMACARE".They can more than afford not too.  BUt some executive wants to go to Paris 25 times a year instead of 10.  He and his cronies want to make 550K instead of 350K.   Medical insurance is big business.  All the money put into it, they have huge profits.  Do people not realize this is all about corporate greed. 


Furthermore, me, I don't have a problem helping my fellow man.  I hate that we have turned into a society of "I am not going to help u"!  I'm still wondering did Halliburton pay back the millions of dollars they stole from the govt?

Yep Park!  U r sooo right!  If they didn't raise their rates, profits may be less, it's still profitable tho.  They are not going to go under by any means by not increasing folks rates,   But like u said, they want to mainting a certain amount of profit. 

Hi Navitta,

   According to the Dept. of Commerce, the medical insurance industry ranks #86 in profit margins among large American industries, making a profit margin of 3.3% in 2006 (the latest year data is available for.) )


Number One is the beverage industry at 25.6%.  Interestingly, #3 is the Real Estate investment related to HealthCare facilities, at 24.6%.


When you wrote that insurance execs want to "go to Paris 25 times a year instead of 10", where did you get that information?  I "googled" it with no results.  


When you say, along with many others, that you want to help your fellow man, do you mean that someone has prevented you from doing so?  I think you're allowed to help as much as you wish to and are able.  Perhaps what's really meant is that "you" want to force someone else to help your fellow man?


Profit margins may not be the best measurements.




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