Alright heathens, its time for passions to ignite over whether this Health Care Reform is the best thing in the last 40 years or is going to tear America apart at the seems.  In return for your opinion, I will share some funny.



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Best if you have money.
Not to mention that employer based healthcare gives companies incentives to only hire part-time workers in order to avoid having to pay for their healthcare. The result is millions of people holding down multiple part-time jobs, working 40+ hours a week, and still not getting healthcare.
And causes companies to discriminate against people based on age, body type and gender (women are more expensive to insure because they *might* get pregnant).
It seems reasonable to me to price insurance according to the risk it is covering. So, if there is a reason that a particular person has a higher risk of liability, it's appropriate to charge more to issue insurance to take over that liability. To do otherwise would turn insurance from a business into a "right".

hhmmmmm... I think that comment could be an entire thread on its own.  Do we have a RIGHT to the benefits that insurance provides?

I think the real issue is posting massive profits, not the fact that people pay what they are assessed at.  there is an inherent profit margin built into each persons premium, and in a business like health insurance, I would consider that unethical.  Protecting an individuals health and life should not be a topic on which profit should be made.  It should be profit neutral, and if there is a posted profit at the end of the year, it goes back to all those wonderful people who paid and didn't get sick.

Obamacare is not even close to what Brits and Canadians have. Obama care is a big give away to the health insurance companies. They get millions of new obligatory customers, prices stay high, and millions still remain un- or underinsured.


True health care reform necessitates the demise of health insurance as we know it. The only way to bring the U.S. up to the standards of Western Europe is through universal coverage for all.


The increased taxes to cover the health care are more than made up in the higher take home pay (no more deductions for health care, and the portion of our compensation that had gone to health care can now go to higher wages); improved health; and longer life.


True health reform also requires longer vacations, shorter work days, greater control over one's working conditions, full maternity and paternity coverage, and subsidies for childcare.


I couldn't agree more.  We all got sold down the river with this watered down hand out to the insurance companies piece of legislation.  The idea of health care for profit only is absurd.  Hospitals and doctors get in the business of helping people and providing mercy because they want to provide that service to people.  Insurance companies get in the business of health insurance to get inbetween the patients and doctors to profit vastly off of that relationship. When an insurance company can deny a medical procedure that is recommended by a doctor, we don't have much of a medical system at all.

Agree 100%, though if we are talking about a choice between Obama's plan and the healthcare system as it looked in 2008, then I'm with Obama.
Exactly.  I'm tired of hearing Republican leaders complaining about "Obamacare", but not offering a plan of their own.  I agree that it isn't close to being an ideal plan, but it is better than before.  If the opponents to the plan have a better plan in mind, put it in writing and introduce it as a bill.
Oh they have a plan - repeal the whole package.  The governing theme of the republican  party is to do nothing - but if forced to actually do something they obstruct, repeal, obfusicate or demagog to the bottom strata of the  informationally challenged mouth breathers.
Man wouldn't this be ironic - and a big win!

When Judge Henry Hudson ruled last month that part of President Obama's signature health care reform law was unconstitutional, he gave conservatives a big boost. But the ruling has potential side effects that might make conservatives want to reconsider their elation. By calling the health care law unconstitutional because it requires people to purchase private insurance, the law's opponents could unwittingly resurrect another alternative they won't like—the "public option."


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