Alright heathens, its time for passions to ignite over whether this Health Care Reform is the best thing in the last 40 years or is going to tear America apart at the seems.  In return for your opinion, I will share some funny.



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Exactly.  I'm tired of hearing Republican leaders complaining about "Obamacare", but not offering a plan of their own.  I agree that it isn't close to being an ideal plan, but it is better than before.  If the opponents to the plan have a better plan in mind, put it in writing and introduce it as a bill.
Oh they have a plan - repeal the whole package.  The governing theme of the republican  party is to do nothing - but if forced to actually do something they obstruct, repeal, obfusicate or demagog to the bottom strata of the  informationally challenged mouth breathers.
Man wouldn't this be ironic - and a big win!

When Judge Henry Hudson ruled last month that part of President Obama's signature health care reform law was unconstitutional, he gave conservatives a big boost. But the ruling has potential side effects that might make conservatives want to reconsider their elation. By calling the health care law unconstitutional because it requires people to purchase private insurance, the law's opponents could unwittingly resurrect another alternative they won't like—the "public option."

There is nothing wrong with the public option.  Hell, it doesn't even have to be government administered.  We should be allowed to pool together into private insurance groups free from our employer based health care. 


In all honesty, I do think that the mandate is unconstitutional.  I think it's a huge over reach of the commerce clause.  Who is to say that next the government says you have to buy a certain brand of toothpaste because it's the healthiest?  That's the logical progression of the individual mandate.
What do you think about car insurance?
It's legalized racketeering.  If you can prove that you can financially meet the minimum state requirements for liability cost and everything that is required to be covered, then why should you be forced to purchase car insurance?  Insurance companies also exert a tremendous amount of control over the government.  The only reason we have seat belt laws is because of the insurance companies.  I don't wear my seat belt because it's illegal not to.  I wear it because it's the smart thing to do and will probably save my life if I get into an accident.  Same with helmet laws.  Here in SC you are not required by law to wear a helmet when you ride a motorcycle.  However, when I rode my motorcycle (I can't wait to get another one and start doing track days again), I was always in full gear head to toe.  Not because some nanny state government told me to do so, but because I knew it was the smart thing to do while participating in a dangerous activity.  Hell, a lot of people would like to take motorcycles away from people because of the risk of injury and death they pose.  It is not the governments job to protect you from yourself.  Anyone who thinks it is, does not deserve the freedom they have, and will lead us into ever more government intrusion into our lives. The less government interferes with your life, liberty, and property, the more free and more prosperous we all will be.
Some of those are clear cut but, not all of them are.  What about the fact that premiums keep going up?  You are paying for those without insurance.

I agree that if you aren't financially able to cover the state minimum requirements for another person's medical bills and or property due to an accident, then you should be required to carry minimum insurance.  That is only because you pose a threat to others.  However, requiring everyone to purchase insurance despite the fact that they have the means to pay for someone else's care if they injure them is nothing more then a hand out to the insurance companies. 


In regards to insurance premiums going up due to those without insurance, if we had a public option that made health insurance affordable for people, even lower income people, then we wouldn't see premiums rise like they do.  Insurance premiums rise like they do because most insurance companies operate in a monopoly fashion.  Sure rising health care costs play a part in it, but it's more due to the lack of competition and the people's inability to join group plans together across state lines.  Competition between insurance companies is pretty much nonexistant. 

I don't know either.  Apparently states have a way to determine it by having minimum liability coverages.  I like insurance too because I don't have the means to pay for something if it happens, so I pay an insurance company to protect me if something does.  Nothing wrong about that.  However, if i have the means to pay for something if it does happen, then why should I have to pay for it if it does not happen?
Travis, Auto insurance is not required if you can prove that you are able to meet the state minimum requirements. Instead of insurance you can be "bonded". The agency issuing the bond certifies that you have the resources available. So, if your state has a minimum requirement of $50K, you can buy a long term CD from your bank for $50K and have them issue that bond. You can then not redeem that CD until the bank cancels that bond. If you are found liable by a court you have given the bank authority to pay that amount. By getting bonded, you are able to avoid paying an insurance companies cost and profit margin, and do get the interest from the money you've invested. You do have to pay the bank for their service. To my knowledge, bonding is always acceptable in place of insurance and fills the need of protecting other against costs that you might impose on them - to the state minimum limit.

Of course, most state's minimums are very small, not nearly adequate for todays legal liabilities. $50K doesn't go very far in a serious accident, it may not even pay for the damage to the car.
Ok, well I was unaware of that and thanks for bringing that to my attention.  This is why we discuss these things so we can exchange ideas and learn things.  ;-)  Does this apply in every state?
We are allowed to pool together into provate insurance groups.  My insurance is with Northwestern Mutual, which is just that.  Several times in the past I have received a refund because the losses were less than was budgeted.  There are a number of Mutual insurance companies, some open to the public, to military vets, to civil servents, etc.




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