Obama is a false prophet and an oppressor...according to Jon Voight, of all people.

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Holy Shit!! He's gone off the deep end! I knew he supported the war in Iraq, but he drank the FOX NEWS Kool Aid!! Voight, I'm kinda stunned by this video.
yea, really! I thought he would be a little more clever, but wow....

The Fox news kool-aid!! hahah....I love it!

My sister does not understand how lefties so blindly follow what the media tells them....I find that ironic and brain twisting!! I thought it was the righties who just blindly follow the media, failing to learn on their own, but trusting their information from sources like Hannity, Limbaugh, Coultier...and you get my drift....ugh.
I don't hear a word he's sayin'
Hahaha...I hear ya.


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