Obama is tighter with H Bush than H's own son. Figure this one out.


so the url states:
According to Wikipedia, upon graduating from Columbia University, Obama for a year “held a position as a research associate” in Business International Corp., a CIA front organization. The company is alleged to have kindly paid off Obama’s college loans for him. Obama worked in BIC’s financial services division, where he edited “Financing Foreign Operations,” a global reference service, and wrote for “Business International Money Report,” a weekly financial newsletter. According to an article in the October issue of Rock Creek Free Press, of Washington, D.C., reporter Wayne Madsen writes, “Through its contacts with leading liberals around the world, BIC sought to recruit those on the left as CIA agents and assets.” At any rate, the New York Times reported in 1977 that a BIC company official admitted providing “cover” for CIA employees.

hey look, news labeled as I am, blacklisted!

I won't bore you with the details fellow Atheist Nexusians

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"fellow atheists, we must become legion"
do we really want to go there? The other group who call themselves legion are rightfully called "the asshole of the internet" by everyone else :P
They have CP parties, though. Here, we are not anonymous. We are not legion. We do forgive; we do forget. All of us are not as cruel as some of us.
What is wrong with you, McCall? If you'd keep your posts down to one point just ONCE, your image would improve infinitely--to a non-zero amount. This news had nothing to do with atheists being the general blacksheep of IRL communities.

Just... take a damn nap and post once you've had some sleep, 'kay?
10-4 firmative w/411
my next post will be yet another succinct shot over the 'look-out' bow




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