conservatives are freaking out about this, but i'm thrilled!  i don't know if it was a slip up or intentional, but i'm leaning towards intentional. 

personally, this is one right wing freakout that i'd like to see Obama address.  why did he omit "under God"?  if he was reading the speech it would be hard to overlook those words.  was he speaking from memory?  i want to know! 

this should give fodder to both those who claim Obama is not Christian on the right, and those who think Obama is an Atheist on the left.  either way, good times!

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Matthew, maybe he just forgot?  Um, right.

Whatever the reason, if it has conservatives freaked out, that's a good thing.  Maybe another one will implode like Asshole Andrew Breitbart did.   Although in his case, drugs could have been an issue.  Cocaine is a good way to cause a fatal heart attack in a young person.  Sorry for the digression...  

Back to Obama and the Gettysburg Address...  Even with the deism, my own preference is for historical accuracy.  But the world will little note, nor long remember, President Obama leaving "under god" out of the Gettysburg address.

i've heard that, but apparently it's a long disputed issue.

Have a look for yourself:

I mean ... OOPSIE!

still, it's kind of interesting that in the video that touched off the story every other person reciting the Address said "under God" - except for Obama.

UPDATE: The “Learn the Address” website notes that “We asked President Obama to read … the ‘Nicolay Version’” of the Gettsyburg Address, which omits the words “under God.” That disclosure does not appear alongside Obama’s video on the site.

I'm sure Obama does not appreciate this minor headache. He's got enough to worry about these days.

It's just more trouble for Obama here, but Loren is exactly correct. Many think that Lincoln was a theist, therefore some today would want to add "under god" to make this speech politically correct. Lincoln was a spiritist and not a theist.

It appears today that we have both christian apologists and political apologists.




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