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If they can do that to women, they can do it blacks ... and ultimately, they'll figure out how to do it to anyone they don't like.

While I think about it, James, has this quote been verified as coming from Obama, and if so, what was the venue and when? I just Googled a part of the phrase, and a number of incidences of this pic came up, but nothing which would indicate that the quote was directly attributable to Obama.

Certainly, if it DID come from him, it would be the best news I have heard in a while. Still, I would prefer to hear him say it, rather than belief a static picture with some words tacked to it.

I have no idea, I just copied the graphic from Facebook.

It would have been brilliant had Obama said something like this.  But I seriously doubt that any modern politician would venture with something so risky, so principled and so bold. risky, so principled and so bold.

Ohhhhh, What. You. SAID!

Maybe President Obama is just waiting to crucify (excuse my value-laden religious language) Candidate Santorum in a debate forum...let Santorum THINK he's got the upper hand.  Obama is just being patient.  There's no rush.  The more Santorum talks in front of a microphone, the better, in my opinion. 

He's already blown it with the phoney contraception issue and warnings about sonograms used to abort babies.




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