I normally try to stay completely out of politics. It may come as a surprise to many that it has been secondary to my interest in early Christianities. I believe if you study modern politics it gives much insight to unwritten history. It seems a good way to "fill in" the blanks by studying modern human behavior. 

 As can be expected I will be a little controversial in my analogy. I will chose killing puppies for an example of how I see politicians approach to convincing people of whatever...I do not in any way mean to suggest that anyone would do such a thing,but it is just far enough off any political issue that we can focus on the approach of politicians. I am not suggesting that I am right only that this is my impression.

Obama gave speeches that said we are great and this is why I think for the betterment of our nation we should kill puppies.

Trump says this group is great ( no matter what it is) and this is why I am the one you should follow to kill puppies.

Reagan said we are a great nation and together as one it is our national destiny to kill puppies.

Hitler frankly I don't understand how but by the time he was finished speaking people were ready to kill puppies in the crowd right there and then.

Jesus (if he existed) had much of the same charisma but much of it may have been embellished by later believers. The fact is the disciples were trying to change Jews minds about ancient scriptures, it was an uphill battle. If he said kill puppies there was the Torah which Jews could refer to to see if it was "true".

Paul he had just as much charisma as anyone, perhaps more than any. His audience had no background in anything he said. They were not Jews and had no basis on which to refute anything he said. He was speaking to those with a clean slate. If Paul said "kill puppies" there was simply no reference point to dispute it. Uneducated people simply believe their teachers. If a modern preacher was thought to be a liar by those to whom he spoke he would not be successful. So I may be making some sort of logical fallacy, but in general people do not question their leaders.

 My point here is that in general people want to believe authority figures. The more charisma they have, the more successful they are. The message is relatively unimportant to the masses. This is because the masses get caught up in the moment and simply don't stop to think.

Have you ever really talked to people about to vote? For my experience they can quote sound bytes but really have no idea what the impact of what they will be voting on will be.

Again it's not really about the issue but about the charisma of the speakers.

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Compu, about 30 years ago I told a woman of my growing up in a sometime violent home and that I had decided to not have any children. She responded with what I had known for decades, "You were wise to not have any children."

If I understand your post, you are wise to not vote.

I hate the "get out the vote campaigns". They want to get the the votes of people who listen to sound bytes and don't bother to look into the issues. I only ask for informed voters that do not necessarily get caught up in the hype of speakers with tons of charisma. They might be great to listen to but they might be wrong. The best politicians and evangelist appeal to emotions, not reality or fact.  Thus we have a majority of voters whom vote for the wrong things for the wrong reasons.

I think an example is the Affordable Care Act / Obama Care. Many Trump supporters heard Republicans droning on and on about how terrible Obama Care is. It was drilled into peoples heads for so long that they believed it was evil without even understanding what it is or how it works. Obama Care, like the word liberal, was turned into an evil entity via rhetoric. Now there is a major shit storm in Washington over repeal and replace. What the Republicans were really saying was that the ACA was money that should be going to the wealthy instead of people that need healthcare.

 The real question is is God could cure everything or did not make sickness in the first place, why would we need magic bullets? Any party that can't poop utopia is it seems obviously wrong.


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