It's online now. Folks have been pretty terrified/horrified that Dear Leader is trying to indoctrinate our school kids without parental consent, and now can see the content of the speech. My only objection is the closing statement, "God bless you. God bless America."

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Just point out to him how many socialist organizations we have in our country, and tell him that Halliburton has put in a bid to take over our Fire Departments and make them private. Every home owner would be responsible to pay out of pocket for any fire accident that occurred. And so... our schools, law enforcement, fire department, post office, road system, FDIC, banking regulations, CDC, FDA, USDA, and military are all socialist programs. What is he really afraid of and who is he listening to?

And then ask him why it was ok for George Bush I to address the school children and ask them how they would help him as president, but it isn't ok for President Obama to do the same.
Interestingly, in New York state, they've forced volunteer fire fighters to have so much training that they have a hard time finding people willing to put in the time. They have to be trained as medics (same training as ambulance workers), in addition to fire drills that they have to constantly be re-certified in. I'm all for safety, but sometimes there's a case of a pair of hands is more useful then none. For instance, it used to be that old retired bus drivers and such could drive the fire trucks and since they are retired, they are available at moments notice. This meant the fire trucks got to the scene sometimes before the younger firefighters got there. Now they have to have training that is too physical for them, and thus they can't drive the trucks either.

That said, the fear mongering has gotten out of hand. And on topic, the only offensive parts of Obamas speech are the last two sentences.
How is a privatized fire department supposed to earn money if there are no fires? We don't have fires in my town very often... How do they stay in business?
Not to start a fight, but you know that volunteer fire departments are basically non for profit private businesses right?
What? Volunteers or not I think it's in everyone's interest to have someone who's physically capable of not just running in, but running out of a burning building presumably with another person with them not to mention being able to resuscitate said person.

Unless you're under the impression that Volunteer Fire Fighters are just bucket lines.
Well, you don't necessarily need to be able to run in and out of a burning building with 100lbs of gear to be helpful during a fire. The best firefighter in the world can't hook up lines, operate the pumps, (if in a rural area drive the water trucks), hose down the adjacent buildings so they don't catch fire and run in and save a puppy on the second floor all at the same time.

Unless you're under the impression that all firefighters are 'heros' like on 'Rescue Me'.
I guess your firemen just pull cats of trees. How awesome is that.
I guess the only people required for space travel are the astronauts.
I could say this is absolutely true. Although someone I know is very open about his racism. Saying in class, "That nigger anti-christ will end the world!!!!" I say that he is just saying that because he heard Obama wasn't christian and that he was black.

What response do I get?!?! "Shut up you dumbass atheist bastard! Go to hell"
As for the "God bless you. God bless America," I say, to each his own. If he is truly Christian, he means it to be a well wishing, and if he is Atheist/Agnostic as a lot of people tend to think, then let him pander to the masses. He is the president after all, and he is politicizing.
What these assholes forget, intentionally because "oh that's different", is Ronald Reagan preaching to school children.

Steve: I tried to explain to him that these panic mongers aren't adding anything to the debate but fear but I fear I am loosing him.

These people are superstitious natives that are hypnotised by neocon witchdoctors. They aren't interested in reality. They want scapegoats to lynch for all the things their tiny brains can't comprehend. They need witches and ghosts to be terrified of. They should be stripped of their right to vote until they can pass a basics civics exam and be able to explain why there really aren't any direct links between universal healthcare and concentration camp gas chambers.




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