It's online now. Folks have been pretty terrified/horrified that Dear Leader is trying to indoctrinate our school kids without parental consent, and now can see the content of the speech. My only objection is the closing statement, "God bless you. God bless America."

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See, they know he's got the power to control the minds of children. It doesn't matter what he says, he's using his psychic powers to send them signals through the fillings in their teeth.
Just look what he did to Bill O'Reilly!!!!111

They should be stripped of their right to vote until they can pass a basics civics exam and be able to explain why there really aren't any direct links between universal healthcare and concentration camp gas chambers.
Or at least until they can tell us what's in the Bill of Rights and give a reasonable example of what each amendment means and why they all apply to everyone all the time, no matter how much you don't like what they say or do.
It's so much more fun to think with their gonads than what few functioning brain cell they might have left. You'd think Our Fearless Leader was planning to tell the Nation's school children to kill their parents and start worshiping satan. This country is way past dumbing down and has decended into abject stupidity. It does no good to point out the truth. They're having too much fun waiting for the sky to fall. That said, I'll say what no one else will utter......There are too many people in this "land of the free/home of the brave" who still can't stand the thought that there is a black man in the Oval Office. I personally don't expect this republic to stand for another 25 years.
Come now, school is a place where we teach kids that sex doesn't exist and that evolution is a lie; not some place where we indoctrinate them.
I agree with your points, well said.
I was watching this nonsense and what they wanted to say was don't Indoctrinate our children that's our job.
The president of the United States, talking to American children about being responsible and staying in school.

The horror! The evil! Little armies of brainwashed children-of-the-corn will be coming to slaughter us any second now! Run for the hills!

Fucking morons. I am beyond trying to accuse them of hypocrisy. They simply do not understand the term. It does not even register to these people.
But if they stay in school, they might be taught evolution and become atheists! THE HORROR!!
Oh no no, we can't have schools teaching facts.

That would be irresponsible.
Something else I don't get - As a redneck parent, you've spent your kid's entire life ingraining your paranoid, racist worldview into him. Yet you're so afraid those years of hard work are going to be undone by the scary black man in the white house giving a few minutes' speech?

You must really lack faith in your own parenting skills, not to mention lack of faith in your version of god.
"Therefore you must not look directly at Obama or you will burst into flame or something."

No, I think that only applies to Dick Cheney.
The high school and the grade school for both of my children made automated telephone calls last night to warn that they were going to show the speech. Most goddamn ridiculous thing iv seen in a long time. I have to sign a letter to say its ok.
Wonder if they would have done this to Roosevelt or any Pres. up thru Bush????
Sign a permission slip to say it's ok for your kid to listen to the President of the United States give a school-specific speech?!?

That earthquake we all just felt was every one of the founding fathers and every Revolutionary war minuteman rolling violently in their graves.



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