This is to continue the discussion of Objectivism from the front page. Some basic info:

Ayn Rand (1905-1982) (wikipedia) was a Russian immigrant, author, screenwriter and creator of the philosophy called "Objectivism", which advocates selfishness as a virtue and denounces altruism. 

Among her writings are The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, both of which have been turned into feature films.

Despite her atheism, Rand is popular among Tea Party conservatives because of her anti-tax stance.  

Former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan was a personal friend of Rand.

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I'm not so sure about Jason's facts.

Hmm, seems we've got a scalability issue here.  Maybe that's the real problem?


Not really.  Anything will work on a small scale.  At that level, personal interaction overrides the weaknesses of any system.  If a system doesn't work above the level of a small clan, it's not a scalability issue; it's that the system sucks.

I love your careful consideration of Rand's Objectivism. Could you give us a sample of those false premises?

Could you quote some of the post you're responding to?  I tracked back three pages, and I still couldn't figure out what you're replying to.

Ah.  You really need to have the failings of Utopian societies explained to you?  :-D

Thanks for calling me stupid. It goes a long way to bolster your arguments. And the truth is, yes, I do need the failings of Utopian societies explained to me.

David, I think you need a dictionary.  You don't seem to understand what a Fascist is.

Contributions are voluntary, taxes are imposed.  If you don't pay taxes, men with guns will come and do bad things to you.  People who leap from that fact to "taxes==theft" are engaging in a bit of hyperbole.  But they have a point.

Before the New Deal, there was a growing trend toward founding Mutual Aid societies.  If things had gone differently, those societies might have grown to fill the needs that government (=tax) is now filling.  Maybe they will yet have their day.  In any case, I doubt that Ms. Rand worried about such things.  Her main concern was that the stars not be held back by the rabble.

Taxes are in the Constitution.
You say that as if that prevents them from being unconstitutional.
I guess your right.


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