Kindertransport rescued my husband's mother from Nazi Germany, and her mother also just escaped. Not the rest of her family. Her mother remarried a survivor who'd lost his farm and entire family to them, but managed to escape from the back seat of a car, barefoot, in Winter, fleeing to Denmark with his ring finger half cut off. To me the Nazi threat isn't distant. It's profoundly disturbing that 99% of the public - here and now - can't see a Nazi takeover happening. It's surreal how most folk are totally oblivious. <sigh>

What Happened in Charlottesville Is All Too American

It is part of the myth of American Exceptionalism that blood and soil movements like Nazism are foreign to the United States—that jackbooted fascism of the variety that infects democratic institutions is an invasive weed that can be easily plucked out of our national garden.

It's as if everybody sees Nazis as fiction, cliche WWII-era movie villains. 

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Our media-saturated cocoon "real world" daily lives apparently include no mental room for actual history.

Historian Snyder: 'We Are Hanging by Our Teeth to the Rule of Law'

“Blood and soil”: What “blood and soil” means is that the government doesn’t matter, law doesn’t matter, politics begins from nature, and nature just means race. What race means is the struggle to control territory. Politics doesn’t start from rules or law, politics starts from violence. Politics is just the struggle of races for territory. When someone says “blood and soil,” what they’re saying is we need to re-begin politics as a murderous racial war which continues until one race survives. [emphasis mine]

It's surreal how most people are totally oblivious.

image source (text mine)

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People just refuse to learn.

And recent events like our president* pardoning a racist, deadly (as in wrongful deaths of people in his custody) sheriff for violating a federal court injunction against "immigration round-ups" should be driving home the fact that "law doesn't matter" to people at the highest levels of power, and that "murderous racial war" is not an exaggeration.

With the Russian connection to the US presidential election and current administration, this discussion's name could easily have been in faux-Cyrillic, "Oбlivious Я Us"!

(But the way it is makes searching for it easier!)

 Even so, there are differences in USA now, and Germany of the Nazi era. 

Did you read the first article, Daniel? An honest history of the US belies the "common knowledge" comfortable belief that it can't happen here.

In many ways we're more vulnerable to takeover now, even though we don't have hyperinflation and 30% unemployment.  The Republican party controlling all three branches of federal government and most state governments,  is mostly owned by white right wing wealthy people who dislike democracy, and the right owns our mainstream media. Cambridge Analytica alone gives them enormous power. Look how laws are being proposed and passed in the past few months to eliminate free speech and assembly.

We have vibrant, instantaneous, combative social media.

I've read that YouTube is dominated by right wing videos, though I haven't tried political searches myself. Fake news is spread through Facebook. Bot armies support Trump. I used to believe social media would support truth and free speech, but have been disabused of that ideal.

If someone had told you two years ago that the US administration would systematically destroy civilian agencies by defunding and putting people in charge specifically to "deconstruct" them, would you have imagined it was even plausible? Things are moving very fast. <sigh>

Just the thoroughness with which fake news has taken over should give you pause. I recommend reading recent work by Timothy Snyder. You may reevaluate your confidence that a Nazi takeover isn't impending.

Here's an example of how Social Media aren't helping.

The Washington Post reported that Facebook has told congressional investigators it sold about $100,000 worth of ads to a shady pro-Kremlin Russian propaganda company seeking to target U.S. voters. 


There is no doubt that Russia attempted to sway voters toward Trump. They may have even tipped the scales, though we will likely never know for sure. It sucks. I applaud Putin, however, for his creative means of attacking us. The U.S. military is exponentially larger than the rest of the worlds'. To combat that countries must use asymmetric warfare. 

I concur with Daniel. I also dislike the president, white supremacists and bigots of the republican party. Lets not compare the US where people can have LGBT parades, protest police shootings and satirize the president on late night comedies  to 1930s and 40s Germany. There is no comparison. Yes, the president is attacking the media and shows a love of dictators but we are not spiraling towards a Nazi regime. There are checks and balances in place.

People have the right in our country, as per the constitution, to express their extremist views however nasty they may be.

I'm going to learn German and start practicing the correct way to carry my tiki torch because I don't want to be unprepared when 638 angry dopey white guys take over the country.  Seeg Heel!  Sieg Hale?  Seeig Heal?

I'm confused by your reply, Jerry. Are you saying that you are mentally or physically rehearsing to participate in street demonstrations as an American Nazi? I don't understand your reference to "638 angry dopey white guys". If this is supposed to be satire or mockery, I don't get it. That you share such imagery of yourself is disturbing to me in the way that people sharing suicidal ideation is disturbing.

I think he was being sarcastic.

Thank you John, yes.  Ruth's suggestion that I am, literally, mentally and physically rehearsing to participate in street demonstrations as an American Nazi tells me that yes, as she suggests, she is quite confused. 

Ruth:  The nazis are not coming.  They aren't.  They're not.

The US has a history of Nazi sympathizer organizations, Jerry. It's not as if they're coming from outside, they are growing and emerging more publicly with Trump's encouragement.

The SPLC breaks down the groups by category, noting that there were 99 neo-Nazi groups, 130 outposts of the Ku Klux Klan, 43 neo-Confederate groups, 78 racist skinhead groups and 100 white nationalist groups. Various other groups – those classified as anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, Christian identity or general hate groups – could also share some ideology with white supremacist or white nationalist groups.

The overall number of U.S. hate groups jumped about 17 percent in 2016 from 784 in 2014, according to SPLC research.

Beirich noted that there has been “massive growth” in recent years, and pointed to the expansion of groups that are associated with neo-Nazi news website the Daily Stormer.

“The Daily Stormer went from one chapter in 2015 to about 30 in 2016,” she said, noting that many of the new groups were having in-person meetings and not just communicating online.

The state of the white supremacy and neo-Nazi groups in the US




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