Kindertransport rescued my husband's mother from Nazi Germany, and her mother also just escaped. Not the rest of her family. Her mother remarried a survivor who'd lost his farm and entire family to them, but managed to escape from the back seat of a car, barefoot, in Winter, fleeing to Denmark with his ring finger half cut off. To me the Nazi threat isn't distant. It's profoundly disturbing that 99% of the public - here and now - can't see a Nazi takeover happening. It's surreal how most folk are totally oblivious. <sigh>

What Happened in Charlottesville Is All Too American

It is part of the myth of American Exceptionalism that blood and soil movements like Nazism are foreign to the United States—that jackbooted fascism of the variety that infects democratic institutions is an invasive weed that can be easily plucked out of our national garden.

It's as if everybody sees Nazis as fiction, cliche WWII-era movie villains. 

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Our media-saturated cocoon "real world" daily lives apparently include no mental room for actual history.

Historian Snyder: 'We Are Hanging by Our Teeth to the Rule of Law'

“Blood and soil”: What “blood and soil” means is that the government doesn’t matter, law doesn’t matter, politics begins from nature, and nature just means race. What race means is the struggle to control territory. Politics doesn’t start from rules or law, politics starts from violence. Politics is just the struggle of races for territory. When someone says “blood and soil,” what they’re saying is we need to re-begin politics as a murderous racial war which continues until one race survives. [emphasis mine]

It's surreal how most people are totally oblivious.

image source (text mine)

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The SPLC has a vested interest, literally financially, in there being lots and lots of bad guys out there.  How else to get the liberals to donate the big bucks?  You fall for it if you like.

Am I to take it that you ascribe to the same worldview as Rush Limbaugh, that everybody is politically motivated, just out for themselves? That cynical perspective was never plausible to me. You can't explain away every attempt at data collection with which you disagree by impugning the motives of those doing the work. Jerry! The world is full of people who care, people who are dedicated to making your world safer. I care. Do you imagine that I spend hours posting here for money-making? Do you imagine Brother Richard works so hard to run this site on a shoestring because he's raking in the big bucks? There are lots of people who want you to be healthy, happy, sane, and safe so much that they put in time and effort, with no financial reward or thanks.

If you really really believe everybody is dog-eat-dog, you've found the wrong community. That's the alt-right/troll universe's way of making sense of everyone. Here you'll find people without a hidden agenda to convert you or to sell you snake oil. 

Indeed! The unhidden agenda of a lot of us is that we care about our fellow human beings and ourselves. A better world for everyone is a better world for ourselves as well.

Is it possible, Ruth, that it's not all that complicated?  Chill with the psycho-analysis.  I just think you're wrong, is all.  I sincerely believe there is no imminent nazi takeover of the country, Let me return the psycho-analysis favor:  You need to believe there is an impending nazi takeover, it's exciting and makes you feel super-heroic railing against it.  Cool.  But it's simply not true and not happening.

We do have a chillingly similar historical precedent of what the Nazi regime did in its rise to power. Germans too thought "it can't happen in our civilized country." We ignore it at our peril.

"History doesn't always repeat itself, but it does rhyme."

(Wish I remembered who said that!)

I was told a year ago on another site, that scump would NEVER be elected!

ANYTHING can happen.

I don't see a button to reply to Grinning Cat so...I put this here, I guess. 

There is nothing similar to what's going on in the US and Germany in the 1930s.  Sometimes analogies are useful ways of understanding something, and sometimes they're just awful and wrong.  Germany had about five minutes of experience with concepts like Representative democracy, checks and balances, limited government.  We've had it a bit longer.  Yes, Americans are stupid.  Yes, we're dopey.  But a Nazi sky is not falling on us.  How do you imagine this all playing out?  We're suddenly going to decide a four year exchange of power is something we don't want, we would rather have a Trumpian Fuhrer with unlimited power and a race war? 

Patricia- A populist America-first outsider beat a candidate widely seen as an elitist politics-as-usual manipulator?  Not that surprising. 

Therefore, "Anything can happen?" 

Doesn't follow.

RollingStone calls out American exceptionalism. Consider this example:

We deserve Trump, though. God, do we deserve him. We Americans have some good qualities, too, don't get me wrong. But we're also a bloodthirsty Mr. Hyde nation that subsists on massacres and slave labor and leaves victims half-alive and crawling over deserts and jungles, while we sit stuffing ourselves on couches and blathering about our "American exceptionalism." We dumped 20 million gallons of toxic herbicide on Vietnam from the air, just to make the shooting easier without all those trees, an insane plan to win "hearts and minds" that has left about a million still disabled from defects and disease – including about 100,000 children, even decades later, little kids with misshapen heads, webbed hands and fused eyelids writhing on cots, our real American legacy, well out of view, of course.

The Madness of Donald Trump

To me that's refreshing self-critique. Moral.




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