A religious friend of mine and I were discussing the concept of Occam's Razor, and he said that when applied to faith, the 'easiest' answer would be to believe. I disagree. When faced with the mysteries of the universe that science has not yet uncovered, or figured out entirely...how would you apply Occam's Razor? My friend as well as many religious people, would suggest the 'god of the gaps' did it. 

I don't of course believe that is the easiest answer, but it by far is the laziest. lol What are your thoughts?

Can Occam's Razor be applied to matters dealing with faith? 

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A lot of religion is perfectly testable.  If someone claims that transubstantiation causes wine to become the blood of "Christ," you can certainly test the sample for hemoglobin, white blood cells, etc. and falsify the claim.  If someone says the Earth is 6,000 years old, that can be falsified too.

Those religions have "immune systems" to defend against such conflicting evidence.

Catholics maintain that transubstantiated wine or bread still appears as ordinary wine or bread to scientific investigation as well as to the senses. That makes the supposed "underlying reality" of the transformation pretty meaningless!

Young-earth creationists will gladly tell you that God or Satan created the fossils, the overwhelming biological and geological evidence, the distant stars complete with photons all but arrived at Earth, all of that to test our faith, or something like that.

It's cosmic gaslighting. "Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?"

You are exactly correct, GC. The proof that believers use is like saying "See, I did make the sun disappear. You were just too busy to notice."

It's the old con game of 3 shells and a pea that has to be under one of them. Just a little round and round and they have you believing anything. Such is religion.

I concur GC. I also came from the Lutheran area that used the wordage of consubstantiation instead of trans. It still takes that shell game/compartmentalization to try to reconcile those things.

I also still have quibbles with a few Catholics who believe in evolution but then have no problem with their "god" who did nothing for at least 297 thousand years.

If wine is the blood of Christ then my piss is the healing serum of the ages.




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