What are everyone's thoughts on Occupy Wall Street? Do you support the protesters? Why or why not?


I personally support the protests because it seems that the US is less and less a country by and for the people and more and more a country by and for the corporations. I'm not looking for massive government hand outs or anything but I'm really tired of corporations making loads of money off my fellow country-people's health, education, security and so on with reckless abandon. Corporations need to be regulated and taxed.

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I'm for it. The lobbyists need to be tossed out (and probably a few politicians as well!) and everything kept in check. Both sides of the political spectrum are failing their duties as representatives and it needs to stop.


The more I hear about things in the US, the more my heart breaks for my country, but it's also one of the reasons I'll stay abroad. I'd like to settle down, and it doesn't have to be in the US, but it would have been nice to have the option. I can expect a hella time trying to find employment when and if I go back. I have more job opportunity here. I like what I do... I just really feel for those in my generation and the one after. We were sold a bill of goods that said if we studied hard, got our bachelor's, and went to enough job fairs and conferences, we'd get good jobs. And now most are having to work jobs they had during summers, some even the same ones from high school.


It's no wonder they're angry, when they see corporate elite prancing around like it's business as usual. My ass it is.

I am absolutely for it; I've even considered going to NYC and joining them. Some rich people, like former employees of Google, Warren Buffet, et cetera, have actually ASKED the president to raise their taxes, because even THEY don't think it's fair. A hip-hop mogul recently admitted that all of his employees paid more in taxes than he did, when he got a 100 million dollar check, and gave 10 million away to charity. He also said his taxes need to be raised. It is not just the 99% that are angry, it's a portion of the 1% that are angry as well, so that should say something.
the videos are starting to pour. as of yesterday
indeed the balance was lost if there ever was
it's nice to see people together demanding balance
I mean seems this is all coming to a head because the tech used against is in favor.. follow me?
I wish that march took place during the recounts in florida; everything tragic and corrupt that has happened in and to the U.S. is because of one cheated election; rushed along like our votes were crap. That'd make our blood crap. bs.

solidarity in adversity!
the ghost of the florida recount lie has possessed the people; there's only one way to expel it!
it's so ironic that this is on a pro separation/balance of ? church state. i mean the subject came up between a catholic and I about having to pay more for certain denoms or church in general.. like the taxes outta one's pay checks are not enough?!

amazing times indeed. the great growing pain for America @ 200? years old has begun
btw Irish headstones going back 1000 years if you ever visit. check out atheist ireland, youtube, they'll point the way. dang food tastes so good there; i'm guessing monsanto's illegal in many euro areas. dangers of shitty tasting GMO food.. (sorry tangent brainfart)

take care!

I don't really think the recount has a lot to do with this... the roots at least go deeper than that. Corporate deregulation has been going on for many years and politicians and corporate heads have been sharing the same beds for years. One thing I'd really like to see is ensuring that there is no conflict of interest between corporations and politicians and/or regulatory agencies ... as in ex-politicians cannot be hired by corporations where there is a conflict of interest and the other way around. (Hopefully you get what I mean).


Also... I always enjoy a tangent or two in any conversation... besides there are many relevent tangents to this conversation.



I'm glad to see it happening and networking sites reporting it. Finally CNN had an article on it, so just maybe the msm will suddenly discover what's been going on. Kind of like how they suddenly discovered that a revolution was taking place in Egypt. It's a good thing, but we really need to have this movement continue and have real effect in the next election. The cynical side of me agrees with George Carlin, that "the owners" are not going to let any real change happen and the political process is just an illusion to make us think we have a choice. The msm neglect of this story really reaffirmed that. On the other hand, if that's true, what have we got to lose then? Except your job and your house and etc., if you have one.
found this on fbook thread
outta Utah that server; mormons? nahhhh
I just thought I'd post this up. Seems to be a decent start at a more clear cut list of "demands."
Based on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqN3amj6AcE (from your link) I think the list of demands will be wrought only by "the people". oy!

This is good because they have been criticized for not being clear.


Maybe it is just how protests are anymore, with a whole circus of people espousing their pet causes and ideologies. Going on a bunch of tangents doesn't do much for the protest.


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