Opinions anyone? The more I hear about it the more I appreciate it. Yeah, sure it's like the tea partiers, except these people seem to be more invested and willing to stay to make a point. It's all Rush and Beck can whine about lately, and despite the few advocating anarchy and communism, the main message seems to be about releasing this country from the strangle hold that business and corporations have on government. It's been a long time coming...

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yeah but the gorilla's mantra
"path of least resistance..."
guess it depends on who you buy yer goods from; who you boycott...
only in desperation do the nefarious corporations out to throw USA into feudalism get their way..
foreign proxy lobby bastards!

Obama's on his way to 4 more and it'll be polar opposite imho; the admin is just puttin all that were off the books on the books think about it!?

Oaklaaaaaahnd! wow! see that stuff at YMCA to city hall! indeed the system is in need of accountable and common sense fixery!

perfection is never an overnight thing unless yer talking about a great orgasm nah mean!?
talkn' millions/billions of folks online/inline with a new era.


faith-based fraud programs in gov. are unsustainable and they know it



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