Opinions anyone? The more I hear about it the more I appreciate it. Yeah, sure it's like the tea partiers, except these people seem to be more invested and willing to stay to make a point. It's all Rush and Beck can whine about lately, and despite the few advocating anarchy and communism, the main message seems to be about releasing this country from the strangle hold that business and corporations have on government. It's been a long time coming...

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IT's great that the anti-Americans of the site enjoy the anti-Americans of the protests along with the conspiracy theorists as highlighted by the pictures. Speaks volumes on your character.
Speaks volumes about your character that you think anyone who disagrees with you is anti-American. Maybe you're an Iranian spy. Working for the Ayatollah, are you?
Actually, the Ayatollah supports the Wall Street protesters and has termed it the "American Spring".
So what if the Ayatollah supports it?  Guilt by association?




I am calling Godwin on this one. 


Godwin's law by proxy refers to when a party employs a comparison to a universally reviled figure rather than Hitler himself. It is a debate tactic common among those familiar with Godwin's law who seek to evoke a comparison with a commonly held evil without fulfilling the letter of Godwin's law. Such comparisons include, but are not limited to, Oliver Cromwell, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, Bull Connor and George Wallace.


(source:  Wikipedia)

Khamenei claims Occupy Wall Street protests will topple US capitalism

Iran's supreme leader tells rally America is in full-blown crisis because of its 'corrupt foundation'

Ayatollah Khamenei says the protests, which began in Wall Street, have exposed the 'corrupt foundation' of capitalism. Photograph: Kathy Willens/AP

Iran's supreme leader said on Wednesday that a wave of protests spreading from Wall Street to cities across the US reflected a serious crisis that would ultimately topple capitalism in America.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei claimed the US was now in a full blown crisis because its "corrupt foundation has been exposed to the American people".

His remarks came during a rally in the western Iranian city of Kermanshah that drew tens of thousands of people. His speech was broadcast live on state TV.

The Occupy Wall Street movement started in New York last month. The loosely affiliated movement is peacefully protesting against the power of the financial and political sectors.

"They [the US government] may crack down on this movement but cannot uproot it," Khamenei said. "Ultimately, it will grow so that it will bring down the capitalist system and the west."

Iranian officials have called Occupy Wall Street an "American spring", likening it to the uprisings that have toppled autocratic Arab rulers in the Middle East.

Khamenei claimed capitalism in the west had reached a dead end and that "the world is at a historical turn".

The Occupy Wall Street protests have spread to cities including Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle and Los Angeles and have become a political issue, with Republicans accusing the demonstrators of waging "class war" and President Barack Obama saying he understands their frustrations.




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