Opinions anyone? The more I hear about it the more I appreciate it. Yeah, sure it's like the tea partiers, except these people seem to be more invested and willing to stay to make a point. It's all Rush and Beck can whine about lately, and despite the few advocating anarchy and communism, the main message seems to be about releasing this country from the strangle hold that business and corporations have on government. It's been a long time coming...

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Maybe they should get an education. After-all, we have an underemployment problem in fields requiring scientific literacy and advanced specialization.


Fine you never mentioned IT.  The post above look familiar to you?  BTW,  I have a Master's degree specialized enough for you?  And I am unemployed.  I guess I must be stupid.  And no don't claim you are not talking about me because you do not realize what your statements lead to.  The point, since I am assuming you can't figure it out yourself, is that a lot of people at the protest and supporting the proterst are educated.  They just can't find jobs and for you to go up to them and dare to say that they should either get educated or find jobs is an insult to them. 

And what field is this Master degree of yours?
Library and INFORMATION Science.
I am not being disrespectful, what exactly is that?

And yet you are willing to flippantly call ohter people stupid for not agreeing with you? 




In my case, I am a Librarian.

That's why. Wrong field to have acquired a Master degree.

That's why. Wrong field to have acquired a Master degree.


How do you do your school research? 

And I wasn't disrespecting you - simply, a field that has less opportunities for those with a Master's degree.
You mentioned the Tea Party, Sassan?  Do you actually remember how they got started?  It wasn't that long ago.
No, I never mentioned them. Maybe you are referring to a quote I posted of Governor Rendell - a staunch Democrat.
What does his being a Democrat have to do with anything?
@sassan, what do you mean by un american? Is it their right to voice their opinion, their right to organize and protest, our just the fact that they are a diverse crowd? There are hedge fund managers protesting and getting arrested in chicago...this protest is sweeping the world-is it because non americans agree? I can't imagine how protesting a corrupting influence in politics is more in american than calling the president an outsider and lynching him in effigy.


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