Octopus Paul; reality or World Cup superstition?

Who can tell me what the logical relation is between an octopus and the result of a football match? Are the world leaders using such international events as World Cup to spread superstition among nations? Who or
what may be behind this, and why?

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World Cup superstition coupled with an awful lot of pareidolia on people's part. It's coincidence and I wouldn't invoke international conspiracies just yet.
Apophenia actually - drawing meaningful relations between unrelated data.

As to what's behind it ? Idiot television. Find something out of the ordinary and hypnotise the man-apes. What's so amazing about that ?
My bad, I fell prey to the trap of synecdoches.
Do what I do. Always expect the worst of humanity. No surprises that way ^^
I don't know if you intended any of the tags above to appear as phrases, but if you did, this is how to do it: "octopus paul", "2010 world cup", "match results",



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