So, the people I work with, most of whom are basically rednecks, are having ZERO reaction to the Bin Laden killing. I've been hearing these people for years talk about the evil terrorists and how they would love to kill them. They were absolutely giddy when Saddam was hanged. I'm glad about Bin Laden getting what I feel he deserved and I've been waiting for someone else to say something about it. Finally, I got tired of waiting and started bringing it up. Nearly every time, the discussion has gone like this:

Me: Hey Delbert, I think it's pretty awesome that the SEALS put one in Bin Laden's computer (pointing to head), don't you?!

Delbert: Yeah, if it's real.

Me: Huh? What do you mean if it's real?

Delbert: Well, they ain't showed me no body or nothin. And why'd they throw him in the ocean? They can't prove none of it. I think they might be makin the whole thing up.

Fucking Wow! is all I can think. These guys are just walking around like zombies and can't feel good about the thing because they just think 'that damn socialist' Obama is lying to them again. It's a ploy to get re-elected. If this had happened on W's watch, they'd be high-fiving strangers and sucking each other off for weeks. They're driving me crazy.

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Well, it's not really suprising, is it? If it had been Bush instead of Obama they'd believe it lickety-split. Of course, then the liberals would be murmuring conspiracy theories instead, but if that were the case they'd almost be legit, since Bush was such a dishonest man.


It's pretty obvious why Osama was buried at sea: His burial in the West would have been a contentious issue to Muslims in the Middle East who would have demanded the return of his body. And to Americans, his grave would have become a place to desecrate. If buried in the Middle East, his grave would have become a shrine. It may very well be that his body is still in custody for some reason or other, but if that is the case, they'd have to say he was buried at sea anyhow for the reasons I just stated.


The man was just too polarizing to be buried anywhere on land.

I don't think he's dead because it would be a huge waste of intelligence. The SEALS and other special forces units practice grabbing vital human assets for just that purpose. If they did actually kill him so be it. Either way he's gone. The nitwits who think it's a ploy, well they'll always be nitwits.

look at this logicaly.

we do NOT have a bodie. good move! dont let them have the body and dont let them have a grave site.

any grave site on land for this asshole would result in a second "mecca" for the assholes to follow.


We have the sworn word of NAVY seals, who are trusted, sworn by oath and trained to do there job for the country.

we have unsubstatiated stories of the body NOT being that of bin laden by crack pots that have no training, have NO real first hand info and generaly cant read past the 4th grade level.


WHO YOU GONA BLEIV'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, their heroes (Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck) are all claiming it was Bush and not Obama or the Navy Seals who killed bin Laden.  I haven't actually heard anyone say that he is not dead.  But I live in a Army town, so there's probably a little higher level of true patriotism here than elsewhere.  Most people where I live, although not celebrating in the streets, are smiling a bit more and generally pretty satisfied with the whole operation.  I have heard about this reaction here and on the news, but not seen it in person.




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