I suppose I was 8 when I found theology rotten.

As a bi-polar child, of 6 I had been developing a theology of my own in the sand boxes and playgrounds of my youth.  I was a very in tune child and was far more aware than your average bear of the reality of the world.  I would not play with other kids.  I would wander and ponder philosophy and what not.

Any way.  I felt the presence of a "God" in myself.  And I was perplexed as a child by the cruelty I saw in the other children my age, as well as, adults.  I was taken to church at age 7.  What I heard was very interesting.  Hucking stones, golden rules, and whatnot.

After the sermon, i went to Sunday school.  I had all these questions about what was said, and several issues of incongruence regarding resurrection and whatnot.  The teacher told me to "shut up and draw Jesus." In a very rotten way.

I knew then that it was not me that had the thinking problem.  The questions I asked were just not solvable by someone who was teaching children Lies.

The next week I ran away from home while everyone else was getting ready for church.  After a few weeks of that.  Thank the god I do not believe in.  My whole family stopped going.

After that nearly every encounter I had with the religious was very negative.  I was in the Mormon scouts where they beat me because I was not Mormon.  And my last day told me I had to sexually molest the leaders dog along with them as a "INITIATION RITE".

The leader was not in on it.  It was just their kids.  But the whole thing was very sick.  There were countless other Mormon horrors in my life.  I quit on the spot, and my parents made me feel I was a looser and a quitter.  A theme that continued throughout life.

I stayed Atheist until the end of high school.  But my Bipolar nailed me in the end.  And I became again convinced of a god.  But I was always, and have always been a non- or even Anti-theist.  I have never wavered from that.

These days I go by atheist or anti-theist.  I also abhor neo-peganism to the extreme which often is the garbage I encounter the most.  It is very difficult to deal with in the circles I run.  Because Atheism and reason are rejected.  The later more so.

But finding this website really made me feel a lot better.  I was really impressed reading a lot of the threads.  AHHHHH...  Thinkers!

Anyway I am really occupied until the end of the month so I likely will not post too much until then.  But I have really enjoyed what I have read so far.  And will surely join more in the forums when things settle down.... 

Thanks to everyone who welcomed me...  It made me feel very welcome.


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Welcome, Todd.  Such terrible experiences you've had in your past!  I'm happy that you found this site.  It's a great community with a little something for everyone and their many interests.  Enjoy.  --Carl 


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