Ode to Ted Cruz: Another Mackerel Snapping Slipshod Sap Sucking Surefire POTUS Candidate Who Supports Dogmatic Positions Offensive to Reasoning People Everywhere


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Downright poetic ... but are you sure you wish to restrict the target of this rant purely to Messr. Cruz?  Seems to me as though the GOP has a special on such folks these days, and perhaps the wealth should be spread about a bit...

I don't think J. C. Clarke had any one pol in mind, not even any one person, just any ol' turd.

Another good one Martin thank you.

nice rant. 

i know '16 is a good ways off, but i really truly think that Cruz will be the Republican nominee.  he doesn't just represent the base, he IS the base.  he's the biggest hero/rockstar i've ever seen in conservative/Jesusland.  he's the perfect messenger for conservatives who hate gov't and the Republican establishment, and for liberals who just think he's nuts.  add that he's smart and articulate, and Hispanic and i don't think they'll be able to resist. 

all of which will make the Goldwater drubbing look like a photo finish.  i hope.

Thanks, but what about the predictions it will be Ayn Rand Paul?

not a chance.  the military wouldn't allow it.  plus he's got too much racist stink on him.  

I remember when all of the Christians told me that Pat Robertson was going to be the next president. Thank Thor that didn't happen!




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