Of English language as intrinsic to USA, Latin (dios dios! no gay no negros! ; P))) immigrants lack of learning it.. Walmart anti-union pro chinese exploits overkill and...

fck knows.. this is Florida:::::

pastor bs artist corporate hack rubio's been through a few religions.. and a few pocketbooks.. for cuba...

no sympathy here at 4:26 PM June 15, 2013

For citizenship in this country (the United States) it is a requirement to speak and read the English language, which my ancestors [who LEGALLY entered this country], did, as did all others who emigrated to this country in the previous hundreds of years. They did so, so that they could find work, so that they could become part of the AMERICAN tapestry, and add to the American culture. The Spanish-speaking communities in FL, TX, and NM, etc., have pandered to their fellow Latinos, and there has been neither encouragement to speak the American English language, nor enforcement. Instead, there has been pandering, through the most basic of materials, such as VOTER information in Spanish [and even Creole], DRIVER LICENSE information, and government programs. There is NO MOTIVATION, NO ENFORCEMENT, NOR INCENTIVE for any immigrants, legal or illegal, to learn the American English language, while retaining their heritage and culture, as has been done by Irish, German, Nordic, Portugese, Dutch, Japanese, etc. There are Latinos in South Florida, who have been living here illegally for decades, and who do not, or REFUSE to speak American English. That is a disgrace and an embarassment to the individual, and a slap-in-the-face to the founders of this country, and that for which they stood and fought. To fail to honor their new host nation, is nothing less than extreme disrespect.

cv2065 at 4:18 PM June 15, 2013

This has nothing to do with the hard right. When the bulk of people in this country speak English, why should millions of public tax dollars go to printing everthing twice in Spanish?  You want to avoid speaking English, then there should either be a mandate to learn or you pay extra for additional comprehension services. This is the first thing that I've heard Rubio say that makes complete sense.


folks know what's up. lower they signature.. try costco... (did ya catch tom cruise on democracy now at wlmrt shareholders thing.. whoa! ~ niggahs no american anymore at that point. 


Joe 954 at 7:20 AM June 16, 2013

Wal-Mart takes and takes from the local community. In addition to tax breaks or tax-free in some cases they get land deals, infrastructure (roads) improved for them as well. Their employees are grossly underpaid and in many cases still require Public assistance, food stamps and medicare to make ends meet. And where do you think a Wal-Mart employee gets health care. Thats right - the local Emergency Room. So thos who have insurance will pay more and those who pay local property taxes will pay more. Wal-Mart should have to pay a Living Wage to these hard working employees. Instead, they expect a subsidy from the local community. These Billionaire Waltons take advantage of all Americans.

From the Nosebleed Seats at 10:12 PM June 15, 2013

Those two winches from cooper city are nothing but crazy people who dont know what they are talking about. They are racists and elitists who think they own Monterra. I was at the meeting where the developer gave us the details, and I suooprt the walmart regardless of the BS. They could put a warehouse or apartment, and this is the best thing I see that is a ggod thing for my neighborhood because i can walk there and do my shopping and i am not a eletist or hate anybody. maybe these girls who said somethng should show the new statastecs instead of the old ones





PS Salt w/ Jolie.. whoa! uncut extend v. dvd..

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Mind you, this is coming from a transient resident of Japan, not an illegal resident living in the US for years upon years... but...

Learning a second language is not an easy task. Not everyone, even with years of study and especially when it is learned at the adult level, can gain fluency necessary to navigate governmental documents. For example, I myself can only fill out a doctor's patient file to a point, before I need help either from a friend who knows Japanese better than I do, or from the staff who can figure things out with me. I can write my address in kanji, which seems to be the most amazing feat to the average Japanese citizen (but it's not, really). However, I can't even read a newspaper here.

Many, many signs are in kanji, kana (phonetic characters), and Romaji or English. Why English? Because it's currently the global language of choice. This was not always the case, however, and it's always possible the world will shift again in the future to another language.

Is it important to be English literate in the United States? Yes! A wealth of knowledge and socialization opens up to you when you are able to communicate with the majority of people in the country. Should we encourage native speakers of Spanish living in the USA to learn English with as much fluency as possible, as early as possible? Certainly! There are more opportunities to those who are able to speak the primary language. Being bilingual will make speakers more marketable in a tough job market.

As a transient resident, I understand that when I meet with other English-speaking foreigners here in Japan, we default to English 99 times out of 100. It is much easier to get your ideas across in your native tongue. This is the same reason why the Japanese teachers of English at my school will conduct the English departmental meeting in Japanese, even though they all speak English fluently and it'd be a great opportunity for them to hone their skills. Sometimes, it's just easier.

So, I'd say, don't assume the average Latino in Florida, Texas, or other state in the US doesn't know English. There's a good chance that they know enough to get around. They have a support system with other Latinos, even more than I do having other English speakers here where I live. They might not need to speak English very often, if where they work doesn't require them to. If you aren't used to speaking a language, even if you write it very well as my students do, you can be shy to use it unless you absolutely need to.

I don't know the exact situation. Most of what I've put here is an estimation, coming from my own experience as a non-native speaker of the primary language of the country in which I reside. Fluency is not an on-off switch at all. It's very spotty at times and depends as much on spoken practice as it does lexicon and grammar knowledge. 

I have yet to read the link you've shared. I just thought I'd throw my 2 yen in. :)

Cool debate! Your points are clear. Seems one thing
that the freethinkers worldwide and the networking of; no matter the class of freethinker;
this one term perhaps is brought to the table much quicker and obvious than say a hundred years ago:

introspect |ˌintrəˈspekt|verb [ intrans. ]examine one's own thoughts or feelings what they don'tdo is introspect much about the reasons for their plight. i.e ignorance. lack of edu.. etc..
crappy life pattern? on and on...

~ accountability and taxes/ethics; that's where the politics prop up all the culture garbage that is put up on a pedestal as the end all be all in your one carbon-based life. Now the props have done fell on flat ground again. All end up eye to eye. Some just don't care and cause trouble for many. And they never admit to failures... just create and profit from new ones.. that's fubar. peace!

"..my sons where brain washed" hello:::::: ended up in SYRIA!!!~




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