Reminds me why I don't work in politics.
DC Voting Rights Bill Can't Pass "At This Point"

An interesting report by Paul Kane regarding the inability to pass the DC Voting Rights bill due to the failure of agree to pass accompanying gun rights legislation.

some excerpts:

"congressional leaders have given up on trying to approve the D.C. voting rights legislation until the District Council comes to consensus on accepting a companion bill supported by gun-rights supporters.

Hoyer said there was no way to approve the measure without a gun amendment that does away with the District's strict gun-control laws and makes it difficult for District officials to restrict gun rights in the future."


"Despite the gun-control positions of most leaders in congressional Democratic ranks, the Democrats have had huge electoral successes in the 2006 and 2008 elections by electing pro-gun Democrats from rural and southern regions, who like to appear in campaign commercials toting shotguns. "

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The DC area is largely poor blacks, so it makes sense their rights are being compromised. (Not saying it makes GOOD sense mind you...)
What is strange to me are the conservative teabaggers. They strongly oppose taxation without representation yet are curiously quiet on this issue. I can't think of a clearer example of taxation without representation than the citizens of DC.




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