Evening everyone.
I just pre ordered Skyrim; God damn it looks good. Can't wait for this game, Such good graphics. I wonder if the Christians think god made them, eh? Haha!
Anyway, What's your opinions on it? Please, DON'T talk about MW3 here, because it's MW2.5 

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I'm glad to see a like-minded gamer.  My life will have to be put on pause when Skyrim arrives.  However, I have absolutely no desire to play another CoD game.
Same here, Call of Duty has really declined in quality since Modern Warfare, But then again, They haven't changed it much.
I'm literally frothing at the mouth for skyrim
11-11-11- The day my social life dies.
Let me guess, Vacation- Reason: Skyrim?:D
I just finished my exams and I've got a month of school to " Relax and study" 
Yeah, right :3 I'll be studying the dragonborn!

Oh no some Christians think games depicting demons, warlocks, etc are of the Devil just take a look at the web sites like "Christians against World of Warcraft".  I get my copy of Skyrim tomorrow and can't wait to start playing.  BTW... my wife and I have been playing WoW close to eight years. 

If you're getting it for a console... kill yourself. This game will rule on PC, mainly because of all the mods that will come out shortly after. :D

I have to agree with this.  My computer does not support games.  I received Skyrim for the PS3.  It turns out all PS3 versions of the game have a save bug and all save files will be permanently lost after about 30 hours of play.



I totally agree that a PC is a must have for Skyrim, I have long awaited it, only to find myself without a PC since I moved 3 weeks ago. Luckily, I got a good job and can get one that will run it here soon, I'll pass on buying an x-box :)

The wife has:

Alienware Aurora Desktop

Intel Core i5-2400 (6MB Cache) OC Turbo Boost to 3.6GHZ

8 Gigs Ram

SLI enabled MOBO

Two Dual 1GB GDDR5 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 460 


I have:

Area 51

Intel Core i7-970 Six Core Processor 3.23GHz, 12MB cache

12 Gigs Ram

Mobo SLI enabled

running same Video Cards as wife's


yo that space marine looks fun
now as for my fav:

Lol Zork, havnt heard that name in a long long while.


The computer I have, but is unfortunately unavailable to me at this time has:

duo-core rated at 3.7 ghz

6 gigs ddr3 ram

x2 nividia 9800, and i had just bought the brand new ATI

terabyte SSD (which is awesome but pricey)

and its all tied together with a cheap ASUS  MB, which i rly shoulda have spent the extra cause its a POS.


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