I posted the wrong stuff on another website, in the last few days, which I deleted today after my dad called me. I posted the wrong stuff on a website where I have 150 "friends", many of them relatives or closed family members. Among other things I posted a slogan I made up some time ago about why religion is a mental disorder, and I wrote that jesus never existed and that all religions are bogus. If you want more details I can put my quote/ slogan I wrote. My dad explained to me over the phone, that I had deeply offended this lady, who, unfortunately I allowed to be my "friend" on the site, who is 7 years older than my dad, who my dad has never seen in person but has known online for more than a few years, who as I didn't realize, is religious and takes jesus rather seriously. If it makes you feel better I hadn't written specifically to any one specific person and only 150 people at most saw what I wrote and only this lady and my third cousin's mother bothered to respond to me. I wasn't necessarily looking for responses but I wasn't unhappy to get responses.

The thing is, my family many other people are extremely polite company. They have a list of topics - religion, politics, and man-woman relationship behaviors - which they can't stand to hear about. Anyway my dad thinks I am totally nuts and thinks I likely blocked my ability to ever get another job too.

What do you think?

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I think that no one has the right not to be offended. If someone is offended, my advice to them as simple: suck it up!

"Never apologize for showing your feelings. When you do, you apologize for the truth." - Benjamin Disraeli

And quite frankly, I can't imagine what this episode has to do with getting another job unless you were planning on working for your father. 

Excellent quote, Carl, a definite keeper!

If I were of a working stage of life, I suppose I would be careful what I post on social networks. I am an old lady, living on my earned pension plan, and with many family members, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances who disagree with me politically and philosophically. I find it great fun to write my truth and see who comes out fighting. What I usually get is a good natured discussion about our differences and we usually end up still liking each other. Some cut me off from their conversations with me. There are those who call me names, threaten me with Hell-fire and Damnation.They get a hearty laugh with a pinch of sarcasm thrown in just to spice up the conversation. There have been more serious threats, and I find them unsettling. However, they appear to be unable to stand up to me in a debate, and they come out looking like the bullies they are. 

I hope you come to that time in your life when you don't give a damn what others think. Speak your truth as honestly as you can. In the name of all that is decent, do not craft your thinking to make others happy. What you think and what you say are two different things. Be discerning in your choices. 

I've never apologised to somebody for offending their superstitious beliefs and don't ever intend to.

As Loren implied, it is for them to simply get over it the best way they can.

Because offending a person's beliefs is not attacking them as people.

It is only a belief and beliefs are intangible and subjective like opinions.

The nearest to an apology they will get is:

My opinions are entirely my opinions and I cannot and won't apologise for having opinions as that is idiotic, because, it is opinions that make us individuals.

I manage to offend the religious, conservatives, and liberals.

Though I don't recklessly offend just to annoy. But when a point needs to be made, I will make it.

I have a softer view than most posting here.  I do not keep my beliefs, and the absence of many, secret.  Anybody who knows me is aware that I'm a secular humanist.  But I don't go out of my way to offend.  When a religious theme appears on Facebook, I won't point out the absurdity of it.  I don't put most aggressive memes out.  Since much of my family is religious (mostly the non-aggressive variety), I would be giving offense and benefiting nobody.  Of course, when asked, I speak frankly.  I guess I just care more about courtesy and not bruising the feelings of others to no gain. 

Same Jerry I can't be bothered arguing.

Jerry mentioned religious memes on Facebook, many which I ignore as they are often created by atheists in order to get comments, as many of them are straw Christian/Muslim memes.

I have many Christian and Islamic friends who I don't offend, because they never produce anything worthy of attacking and ignore my disbelief as I ignore their belief.

I only throw my opinion out there when there is something worthy of attacking.

A couple of my Christian friends are real Willy-crankers, with ideas that are extremely amusing, and if they pushed them publicly I'd attack them.  Though, because they consider these extremely idiotic concepts as personal, I respect that, because this is what secularism is all about, having any belief you want, but keeping them private.

I let anybody believe what they like to believe, but, the moment they push them as real on the public arena, I will attack with gusto, I'll pull no punches, not even for the sake of political correctness idiocy.

This has always been my policy.

Any nonsense pushed onto the public stage, deserves to be shot down.

My friends are lucky they have not tried to put their delusional concepts onto the public.

Because they don't yet know nor have they ever witnessed my aggressive side.

Earlier in my life, as a kid, I was afraid to talk to most people due to severe anxiety and I always thought if I talked to people I don't know well there was a big danger they would explode on me or worse or go crazy and scream and yell their rear ends off at me or worse. I guess I'm not so afraid to write things on websites but in real life I never say anything about religion, man-woman relationships, or politics around people, for obvious reasons, except sometimes to my parents and brother, who think I am crazy but will tolerate me with minimal amounts of hostile arguments most times I see them.

Isn't it sad, or worth smiling about, that some people get all offended and fall to pieces when I write just one sentence about there being no god or about some common belief being false? In this recent case only two people replied, and they didn't write anything of substance, they just wrote that my parents would be ashamed of me, that I will never find a woman, that I have offended everybody, how terrible I am and that nobody will want to be around me, and so on.

Part of my brain does know better than to admit things to the wrong people.

If people want to live inside a bubble of delusion, that's their choice, but it's not your fault if you pop it with a dose of reality. 

Those like your ignorant acquaintances who think that with your views, you will get nowhere are oblivious to the entire realm of the growing numbers of non-believers.

I remember seeing a girl who was in the same situation as yourself, she was shunned by all her ex-friends and even family, so much so that she was suffering severe depression and loneliness, but one day she bumped into a freshman at her college who was a non-believer and this freshman invited her to a secularist meeting.

Now she is happier than she has ever been, with more and closer (more caring) friends than she had ever known, who simply accepted her as she is.

This the world that her ex-friends and likely those retards that disrespect yourself don't understand, know about or if they do, try and pretend it doesn't exist, because it is growing at an exponential rate and causes them severe cognitive dissonance.





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