Official Trailer: COSMOS (with Neil deGrasse Tyson)

Sagan opened up imagination in me in ways no other narrater has since. If anyone can pull this off, it is Tyson. I hope the music is better in the series than in the trailer. Perhaps it is appropriate for the youngsters of this day, but a little unpleasant to this old Victorian lady of 77 years. Sagan had such a way with words that I doubt Tyson can match, but it is difficult to match perfection. I do hope the series awakens science in the minds of the young. 

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EX - CELL - ENT!  I've been hearing about this effort for a while, and I'm glad to hear that it's finally come to fruition.  As for the Fox vs. NatGeo business, given a choice, NatGeo will get my time and Fox will get what the littlest piggy got.

Okay, Neil ... AMAZE ME!

Loren, I look forward to what they do with the topic. Tyson is fun to watch, he is such a showman, not a philosopher. I hope I am not disappointed, but even more so, I hope kids catch the science bug. 

He's also a scientist - an astrophysicist, specifically - which means he understands the discipline of science.  And being the director of the Adler Planetarium, he understands the value of communication and engaging his audience.

I wouldn't worry.

Pat, I was disappointed when Tyson announced it would be on Fox, of all stations. I don't own a TV and will be able to watch it when/if it comes out on ITunes.
As for the music, this current one is a bit frantic for my taste. Vangelis' Cosmos is so evocative. It has the quality of building to inspirational

Music By Vangelis-Cosmos Theme-HD 720 (vid R.B.)

I don't like the music either Joan.  Hopefully, it will not permeate the entire series.

I also don't know how well Tyson will do compared to Sagan, as the trailer doesn't have him speaking except for one sentence.  However, I do think he will make it interesting.




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