Oh crap, an intro thread. Better make this not boring...

Hey there,

My name's Danny. I found out about this network through the Friendly Atheist blog, and I figured I'd dip my toes in and see if this community is a good fit.

I've living in NYC since I started law school a few years back, though that was years ago now. For now, I'm doing something to pay the bills and making time for what I do for fun.

As for my beliefs, I go back and forth between calling myself an Atheist or a Humanist, depending on whether I'm thinking about the existence of parental figures in the sky or my belief that we have a moral obligation to do what we can to live well. But then again, I generally shy away from assigning names to my beliefs, and will generally use Atheism as a catch-all phrase for my views.

Let's see... anything else...? I'm also a huge fan of penguins.

Anyways, nice meeting everyone. Hopefully I succeeded in making my intro not suck too hard.

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Hi Danny, welcome to AN! I have no interest in penguins :D :D :D :D

It's the thread title that matters :P
I think you're lying. And I can prove it!

That sounds like an awesome idea, but I don't know if I could bring myself to eat it when it's done and adorable. :(
Welcome to A|N!!!!
Welcome to AN, I concur about the penguins.
Or do we?
Welcome to A|N!
No, can't say I care for penguins...

...how about a compromise... perhaps... an otter?

I too use Atheism as a catch-all phrase for my views.
I believe pacing irritably and muttering arguments you intend to have in the future to be good mental and physical exercise. If anyone questions what I'm doing, I simply tell them I'm Atheist.

Not that Atheism is a valid excuse for all of this... but in combination with the pacing and angry muttering to yourself, it does make a good case for insanity, and people I don't want to talk to leave me alone.
Welcome to A|N!

I go back and forth between calling myself an Atheist or a Humanist

I guess I'm not the only one who has troubles defining himself in a single word.
I'm actually a Mac user. I just think that penguins bring joy and happiness wherever they waddle.
Thanks for the welcomes, guys!
Dude, that totally did not suck hard. 8^)




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