Oh crap, an intro thread. Better make this not boring...

Hey there,

My name's Danny. I found out about this network through the Friendly Atheist blog, and I figured I'd dip my toes in and see if this community is a good fit.

I've living in NYC since I started law school a few years back, though that was years ago now. For now, I'm doing something to pay the bills and making time for what I do for fun.

As for my beliefs, I go back and forth between calling myself an Atheist or a Humanist, depending on whether I'm thinking about the existence of parental figures in the sky or my belief that we have a moral obligation to do what we can to live well. But then again, I generally shy away from assigning names to my beliefs, and will generally use Atheism as a catch-all phrase for my views.

Let's see... anything else...? I'm also a huge fan of penguins.

Anyways, nice meeting everyone. Hopefully I succeeded in making my intro not suck too hard.

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1) penguins rule.

2) obviously atheism doesn't imply any moral position, but i've always thought that rejecting the dogmatic moral code of religion effectively necessitates some sort of engagement with the moral process.



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