James Gamble, of Proctor & Gamble released this feature-length documentary last week and it went viral in the same week. I cannot do enough to recommend this video to you. In the beginning you may think 'this is bunk, I'm done here," but please, please, PLEASE watch the whole thing.





Ironically, I started a thread on many of the same topics covered in this video, just before seing it. You can check it out here, although Gamble's video is broader in scope, and obviously has much better funding and research than I could manage on my own. I will say there are some specifics in my thread that suppliment the Thrive video nicely, and that it specializes in discussing some things that he could only mention breifly, so please come check it out at your leisure.

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This looks absolutely ridiculous so far...  As soon as he said "I have found a code," I immediately shut down.  I hate that he is claiming to have found a universal pattern that he is calling "the code."  It screams delusional pseudoscience, putting itself on par with cult movies like "What the Bleep Do We Know" and "The Secret."  The more this guy makes universal claims, the more he loses credibility...  Now we're looking at symbols found in ancient ruins...  "Ancient Aliens," anyone?  Making meaningless connections?  Trying too hard to find significance in nothing?  Okay, and now he just related it to anything with the number 64 in it...  Garbage.

Please.. please tell me he's not going to actually use "ancient aliens" theory as part of this..  Annnd he just did.

Waste of time.  I see now why you didn't tell us what this video was actually about.  I made it through 23 minutes.

A 2 hour long video?  Could you please give a summary?  I've watched the first few minutes and it's pretty pictures, computer graphics and music.  Obviously they want to sell something, and I'm not patient enough to sit through a 2 hour commercial / propaganda piece.

"What does he want? Well, right now, he wants you to buy the movie for $5 online. I’m sure he’ll want something else after that, but let’s start with that."


I know, I know. The first half hour of it really is bullshit. He goes into some alien theory, so just skip past that part and get to the point that he starts discussing politics. Keep in mind, this is someone who grew up around the owners and operators of mega corporations and governments. He's got an insider perspective in those arenas.


This is NOT trying to sell anything, though it did seem like that to me at first too. I told you that you would have exactly the reaction you had, which was why I encouraged you to ignore that initial reaction because it really does get into some important stuff about the world economy and technology trends. The alien crap he says in the beginning ends up having no bearing whatever on the rest of the video. Not even sure why he put that stuff in there, but I really do encourage you to watch the rest of it. If you look at some of the stuff I typically talk about on this site, you will see I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I'm a pretty hard-core empiricist and logician, and I'm telling you the rest of what the guy says is NOT bullshit.

I have watched an hour of it so far and all there is is UFOs, Secret Technologies, Conspiracies of suppression of technologies. Nothing in the first hour is credible. I feel that you have misrepresented this video as important. I will watch the rest and will give my final opinion then.

This is total propaganda. Nothing is backed up with anything that could be called proof. It is all opinion. I like one or two of the ideas, but that does not make them true or right. They have touted their website in this video. This movie has made me just the tiniest bit curious about what is on their website. If I find references to credible sources of information to back up their ideas, then they will have me as a supporter.


But I can see how this will persuade many people who are susceptible to believing pseudoscience, pseudo-religion, and the like.


Keeping an open mind is hard.

Thank you for saving two hours of my life.

I concur.

No problem

I looked at at least 25% of the website and my final opinion is that it is all bullshit!!

Self-interest is given (and obvious), but it doesn't preclude the presence of puppeteers.  It only outlines the most effective method of control: appealing to everyone's self-interest.  What do you think determines what people want and how they are able to obtain it?  Your description gives the impression we live in a world full of independent critical thinkers, as if everyone makes a calculated decision to participate in this system exactly as they do.  Options are created for people, and most people merely choose one and its preconstructed pathway.

We don't craft our own professions, write our own job descriptions, design our own cars or clothes, or control the availability of products and services.  If we look at the general behavior pattern of our lives, as in viewing a time lapse of our culture, how many people share similar life structures?  There are many predetermined choices, sure, but it is still a relatively limited number that reflects the majority of people.

I don't necessarily mean to suggest that a small number of people intentionally control several aspects of our lives.  There could be any number of unrelated people working independently to unintentionally create this situation.




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