James Gamble, of Proctor & Gamble released this feature-length documentary last week and it went viral in the same week. I cannot do enough to recommend this video to you. In the beginning you may think 'this is bunk, I'm done here," but please, please, PLEASE watch the whole thing.





Ironically, I started a thread on many of the same topics covered in this video, just before seing it. You can check it out here, although Gamble's video is broader in scope, and obviously has much better funding and research than I could manage on my own. I will say there are some specifics in my thread that suppliment the Thrive video nicely, and that it specializes in discussing some things that he could only mention breifly, so please come check it out at your leisure.

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Also, you have to understand that the scope of the issues this film addresses are such that I cannot effectively summarize it. He is already summarizing the many points he makes, so to further summarize them would do a dis-service to his effort. If the video is too long for you to watch, you can get a good idea of some of the points he makes in my thread. It's long because there has been a lot of feedback, but you don't have to read nearly the whole thing to begin to get an idea.

was removed by user? what's that about; commodities and synthpharm drugs?

Curious taht it was removed. You can still search for other versions of it on youtube though. Now if they all get removed...that would be almost conspiratorially weird. But as of yet, there are still some there.

Okay, I'm no expert, but any magnet is going to create a magnetic field in the shape of a torus, right?  It's not surprising that electromagnetic motors are going to all mysteriously have a torus.

The benefits of unlimited energy are completely common sense and don't do anything to prove the existence of this technology.

Okay, if he already showed footage of these revolutionary generators and the movie was still successfully published without anybody dying, why couldn't he visit a lab or home for this movie and film one in existence today?  If the technology was invented and prepared to be offered at low cost, why is it unheard of anywhere in the world today?  "Following The Money" segment is completely founded on the assumption that these generators are real.

This is incredibly hard to watch.  I feel like I can't trust any of his conclusions, which are his building blocks, and he doesn't even try to establish credibility for his incredible claims.

These people who cured cancer...  "The AMA makes them sound like complete quacks."  And what are the sources that don't make them sound like quacks?  Again, nowhere in the world have these methods or similar been discovered?  I don't care if the AMA makes me sound like a quack, if I have a cure, I'm going to offer it on the black market if I have to.  I'm going to teach it to as many people as I can.  It would not stop with me.  These stories sound way too farfetched.

"When I followed the money" this, "When I followed the money" that...  What does it mean to follow the money?  Why is he leaving out such important information that would take almost no time to add.

Okay, I made it to 1:00:00 for now.  I've heard the same story about banks and currency from the Zeitgeist movies (and other sources).  It's not that I dispute this guy's claims, but it annoys me that I'm continuing to listen to him when I don't trust anything he says.  Also, I know Zeitgeist's reputation, so hearing the same story is suspicious, although not necessarily wrong.

That.. is SUCH a good idea!  Suggestions?

I like it.

  1. A torus is discovered, mentioned, or depicted
  2. Money is followed

4. Profit!

For all the money spent on this slick video, I'm wondering why he didn't build some free energy devices himself.

I made it through another 20 minutes!  Imagining the world from this perspective is very uncomfortable.  It would be nice if someone could make a video up to the standards of most critical thinkers, complete with sources, without all the phony effects and definitely without an Ancient Aliens plug.  Also, it is absolutely necessary that the script never includes the word "rabbit hole."  "What the Bleep" might as well have trademarked that term, because that is all I think about when I hear it.

"Am I wrong?  Perhaps.  But what if I'm not?"
As atheists, we know Pascal's Wager all too well.

I like how in one of his clips of a bright future, he shows a solar panel being handed to a person on a roof.  Solar panels?  Why do we need those?  We have unlimited energy generators.

There he goes again!  Fields of solar panels and wind turbines...  It's almost as if he doesn't believe his own story.

Waaaaait.  He is using groups (governments) acting in the name of the best interest of the group but actually hurting the group as evidence against doing what is actually best for the group.  I feel like he has jumped to some conclusions here and skipped several steps in justifying himself.  Anyway, I like how he insists that this policy of "non-violation" of each other is something new.  That's exactly how things already are.

Here's my question..  If all the wealth is in the hands of a few, how are we going to take it back without being aggressive?  Do you think they are going to let us slowly suck the wealth out of them?  If we run them off, won't they just establish themselves in another part of the world?  Besides, they have enough power to sabotage any efforts we make to start a new economy and render their wealth worthless.

I'm sick of his torus crap, and this "natural compass" that he is now advocating for using, tapping into our spiritual inner selves, is ridiculously irrational and unscientific.

In the end, this video does not meet scientific standards.  It is filled with pseudoscience and faulty logic, which means none of its claims can be trusted.  I'm sorry to whoever wasted all that money on those slick special effects.  It sounds like this is a pressing issue, and I hope some day a quality informative and motivational video will be created.

Also, it seems I'm not the only one to draw parallels between this, Zeitgeist, and What the Bleep...
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