I mostly say "Oh my gods." instead, since zero is grammatically plural (think "Yes, we have no bananas." or "I have no gods.").

Do you do this?

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It's true that some people expect you to say something. To be honest, I kind of do sometimes, too. If I sneeze and no one says anything, occasionally I will momentarily feel offended and then tell myself that there is absolutely no reason someone should say Gesundheit or anything else (and certainly not "bless you"!) just because I sneezed. "Be healthy" is interesting; I wonder where your teacher got that one.
It reminds me of the Spanish thing, they say "salud", which is "health". I would find it very funny if I found somebody saying "Health!" at people after those people had sneezed.
The French also say "santé!" (health), which has the same Latin root as sanity. Quite the opposite of bless you! ;-)
That's great, Jaume!

One could definitely argue that someone who's completely sane would not be talking to an imaginary deity to ask them to bless anyone.

It never occurred to me that santé and sanity shared the same root, but it definitely makes sense now that you mention it.
I might just adopt that Jaume!
GOL (giggling out loud)

Goddess forbid...
I am an accomplished blasphemer, as well as frequent user of profane language. I don't think it's a horrible habit, just a habit. I do make an attempt to hold back when I'm around children, people in positions of power over me, or those whose feathers would be ruffled by wee swearies. Doesn't always work, though. I don't always have conscious control over it.

"Oh. My. Gawd!" for news that leaves me gobsmacked.

"Shit!" when I've accidentally dropped something on the floor.

"Goddamnsonofabitch!" when I've stubbed a toe, or some mishap with a similar level of pain, but no permanent damage.

"Goddamnsonofafuckingbitch!" when I've physically hurt myself and at least achieved brusing, a cut, or a scrape.

The occasional "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!"

"Je-zus-fuck-ing-keerist!" when generally frustrated, or when having to deal with bureaucracy.


Some of the above are interchangable, depending on what the Rolodex in my mind serves up.
Oh! One I occasionally use from my childhood is "Useless as tits on a boar hog". My mom used to say that some people's sense of humour is "Dry as a popcorn fart".

Having never been able to communicate with a boar hog in a meaningful manner, I really have no way of knowing if their tits are useful to them.
I used to always think that people who said "Oh my gosh!" were theists trying to be "nice", and not swear. My awareness has been expanded!
I say "son of a bitch", sometimes with the f word before bitch.
I like to say "Oh your God" (Futurama <3). Of course, that only works with religious people, and hopefully ones with a sense of humor.




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