I mostly say "Oh my gods." instead, since zero is grammatically plural (think "Yes, we have no bananas." or "I have no gods.").

Do you do this?

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I thought it was a xena refferance! Lol! I usualy stick with holy s**t!
I say 'oh my god.' Its good blasphemy. Its healthy like chicken soup. I often spell it 'gawd,' though.
Oh my bob? I love it! I am bob! Oh my me! Lol! My favorite comes frome a stephen king character tho "crispy creepin christ!" Can anyone tell me which character I'm refering to?
I'm all about "holy SHIT." It gets the same meaning across, and yet is innocuous in situations where it's deserved.
I'm a prude. I say, "Oh, my goodness!"


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