I mostly say "Oh my gods." instead, since zero is grammatically plural (think "Yes, we have no bananas." or "I have no gods.").

Do you do this?

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I thought that was a BSG reference...
Well, I do say "frak" sometimes. >.>
I say frak all the time. Frak, fudge, fiddlesticks...
I say, "Oh my Dawkins!" ;-)
You don't seriously say that, do you? People must think you're a nut.
I like "Oh my dog". I often say "Oh, man".
Yeah,I sau:"Oh man,." A lot. Might try saying" Oh My Godless."
I normally say "Oh your god." just for kicks.
i never saw any rationale behind that shit even when I believed in souls, a deity, and an afterlife.
I say achoo, as well; or, ewwww....gross!

As far as Oh My God...I don't say that...not even OMG. I do like Oh my godless, and might start saying that. Usually I just say Holy shit, or fuck or crap. Or Jesus fucking christ. I know...I have a ridiculously terrible potty mouth, and I love it!
I try to avoid it. My family used to say Gesundheit when I was growing up, so that's my default reaction. But I've had some people not know what on Earth I was saying, I guess it's a regional / family thing.

If I'm speaking to someone who knows another language, I'll usually say it in that language if I know it (Salud — for "health" and not "salvation"! — in Spanish, "À tes/vos souhaits" in French), or see if I can get away with not saying anything. If I can't avoid it, I'll say Gesundheit or rarely Bless you, but never "God bless you".
My Social Studies teacher says "Be healthy". Could always go with something like that: sideless. Could also not say anything, but I've known people who stare at you if you don't say anything and keep staring, evily might I add, until you do say something.

To answer the original post: I say gosh. Kindergarten, yes, but it works. Or curse. Cursing always works :)




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