I mostly say "Oh my gods." instead, since zero is grammatically plural (think "Yes, we have no bananas." or "I have no gods.").

Do you do this?

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i say BY DARWIN'S BEARD, mostly to be an ass at work lol. Thiests always look at me funny >< lol
Holy fuck muffins I love you guys XD
:D What's a fuck muffin?
You could start being like Robin! Saying holy thing thingy XD or something!
Holy euphemisms, Batman!
I always use the Holy ..... Batman references but I grew up on comics and just love the complete cheesiness of the lines.

Of course I always remember to thank Jeebus!
Holy gratefulness, Batman!

I didn't grow up on comics, but I do remember seeing the campy Batman series on TV with Adam West. I took it as a serious crime docudrama when I was a small child, now it makes me laugh.
I saw Penn & Teller in Vegas a couple years ago. Penn starts the show in a hilarious fashion. He warns the crowd they they might want to leave if they're easily offended. He stated, "I use the lord's name in vain, because that's the only way I know to use it." He then gave a family a couple minutes to leave and as soon as the door closed he yelled, "GODDAMN JESUS CHRIST MOTHER FUCKER!"
The concept of god has no meaning to me so it is not in my vocabularly. However saying it as in oh my god is not a big deal since it is just a saying.
Yeah...I still have the habit of saying "goddamn".
Hard habit to break....
I think "God damnit!" is acceptable, because it's supposedly taking the lord's name in vain, which is something atheists should take pride in doing.
How about: Oh my NEGs! (NEGs = Non Existent Gods)



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